Whatever your space is, tiny or larger, it is nice to have a clean and tidy kitchen every time, and we all know it can be a challenge to stay organized. Follow these kitchen organization ideas to make your hardest-working way easier.

No Unnecessary Packaging

Half-empty bags of rice, twist tie-closed bags of flour, or crushed boxes of cereal can create unnecessary clutter. Let’s cut it down, invest in pretty containers for your ingredients. You also can label them to make your work quicker.

These storage ideas will create a neat and clean kitchenette that will avoid clutter. The storage idea with a glass container will keep its kind. Don’t forget to add a label to make it easier for you to find the item you want to choose. This pantry decoration uses ornate walls and several open shelves to create a neat and stylish look. Storage idea with a glass container from goodhousekeeping.

By using a container that is placed on an open shelf. Your ingredients will stay organized. And besides, you can save on plastic wrap by using this container. Don’t forget to add a few wicker baskets and wire for extra storage. Arrange them on open shelves to keep your kitchen tidy and avoid clutter. You can add a small ladder to make it easier for you to take a high floor. Wicker baskets and container storage from goodhousekeeping.

Hang Them All

Do not forget the vertical space in your kitchen. Instead of storing the fruits in a bowl that may take up the counter space and interrupt your prep, take advantage by adding a hanging fruit basket. Wooden, tiered, woven, or stainless steel, pick one that suits your kitchen style.

Hang your wire baskets in the kitchen to store some of your fruit safely and make room for your kitchen. You can hang it on a chain for a sturdy look. This way it will be easier for you to store fruit safely and will keep your fruit fresh. You can try this method for an attractive kitchen design for you to try. Hang wire basket storage from homedit.

Kitchen organization ideas by placing baskets on the wall. Save fruit and other food ingredients. This concept creates a neater kitchen décor. This will make room for your kitchen and will keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Using a wire basket will create a sturdy look and make for the perfect decoration. You can also add some hook holders to make it easier for you to pick them up. Wire basket storage from thecottagemarket.

Beneficial Backsplash

One of the easiest kitchen organization ideas you can follow is to make use of the space behind the stove to organize items you use most when cooking. Keep the salt and pepper, olive oil, or your favorite spices close at hand.

Make the most of your kitchen backsplash by adding floating shelves for organized storage will create a neatly organized kitchen décor. Also, it will make it easier for you to pick low-range spices. Combined with a brick backsplash will make a rustic kitchen decor even more eye-catching. You can combine it with cabinet storage to create a tidy room look. Floating shelves on backsplash from housebeautiful.

Add wire basket storage to a kitchen backsplash. Create a very interesting kitchen concept for you because this storage will be organized. You can make your own by adding a metal pipe to attach this basket with ease. This way it will be easier for you to save some herbs and green plants. You can match it with a plain backsplash to enhance this look. Wire storage on backsplash from housebeautiful.

The backsplash idea with the addition of a floating shelf will make it easier for you to store some of your spice collections with ease and will become the focal point of this kitchen backsplash. You can match it with a mosaic backsplash for the perfect look. The lighting setting under the cabinet also provides a suitable decoration for you to try now. Backsplash storage idea from housebeautiful.

DIY Plastic Bag Storage

You will always have those unused plastic bags in your kitchen, and yes, they make a not-cool visual clutter. Let’s DIY a cute storage container to hide them. You can use any canister, cover it with your favorite colored cardstock and decorate it, then cut an X-shaped slit on the lid. Roll the plastic bags together, place them in your DIY container, then pull out the first bag through the slit.

Use used gallons and bigger and stick them on the wall. After being used as a storage area for plastic bags. Your kitchen will definitely be cleaner. You can take care of it yourself so it won’t cost you a fortune to decorate this storage. This idea is easy for you to try so that it will present a clean kitchen decoration and avoid clutter. Gallons plastic storage from diytotry.

Don’t Overcrowd the Cabinets

Ensure that spaces aren’t overcrowded. If your kitchen cabinet is short of space, consider taking some items out and storing them elsewhere. You can hang some kitchen tools on the sides of your cabinet, simply add hooks, a rail, or shelves. Or if you have space above the cabinets, use them!

Maximizing the kitchen cabinet with the addition of open shelves on the side will make a neat room decoration and will avoid clutter. This way you can treat it to save some of the cutlery and green plants collection to give fresh air into the room. This storage idea is worth trying as it will create a clean look for your kitchen. Open shelves side cabinet from homedesigninspired.

By making use of the empty space next to the cupboard. Add a few hooks for storing cooking utensils so you can easily pick them up. This decoration will certainly speed up your activities in the kitchen so that it creates neat kitchen decorations and avoids the impression of being messy. These hooks will work great as they make for the perfect room decor. Hook storage side cabinet from housebeautiful.

These are some easy kitchen organization ideas you can follow to stay organized. Another idea you may love is to hang your pretty mugs on the underside of shelves. It’s practical and eases you to reach your favorite mug.

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