Clutter is a common problem found in most households. Not only it affects the look of your interior, but it also affects your mental health. According to a study published in Current Psychology, there is a link between frustration and clutter problems, and it can also increase cortisol levels (a stress hormone). One of the ways to reduce and avoid clutter in your interior is by using hidden storage. Here are 3 clever hidden storage ideas to avoid a cluttered look.

The Coffee Table

The living room is where most family activities are. Whether you are watching television, playing with your toddler, and many more. Due to many activities, more items are also needed. Those items can make clutter, and it is troublesome if you don’t have space to store them. One idea of storage is utilizing your coffee table. There are many coffee tables with hidden storage available to choose from, and you can use them to store your remotes, toys, and other little items.

One of the best storage ideas to use in a cluttered living room is a coffee table that has hidden storage. With this storage, you will get a living room that looks neat because with this table you can store your small items. You can lift this table to make multifunctional furniture as well as a table that has a hidden storage area. Multifunctional furniture with storage from homedit.

This coffee table that has a hidden storage area is perfect for you to use in your living room. With this coffee table, you will get a living room that looks simpler. You can pull this table upwards to make an attractive workbench. You can add multifunctional furniture so that you have a simple and minimalist-looking living room decoration. Don’t forget to add a sofa that comes with some patterned cushions to create a cozy look. Contemporary coffee table with hidden storage from homedit.

If you don’t want a cluttered living room, you can use this coffee table. The reason is, this coffee table has a hidden storage area that can help you reduce clutter in your living room. You can also add drawers under the table to give the room a neat decoration and steal people’s attention. These storage ideas will help save space in your living room. Hidden storage with drawer from homedit.

To get the look of a neat living room, you can use a coffee table with a hidden storage area. You can pull the table up so that it becomes a workbench for placing the laptop easily. This wicker basket also provides extra storage for this coffee table. This decoration is another storage idea to make the most of your coffee table. Complement your décor with a brown sofa and a runner rug for the perfect bonding idea. Coffee table with hidden storage from homedit.

The Stairs

If you own a house that has a 2nd floor, you might want to consider these hidden storage ideas to avoid clutter look that utilizes your stairs. Different hidden storage ideas are depending on the surroundings of your stairs.If you have stairs that has a large space beside it, you can make a cabinet under it. If you have stairs that have walls on both sides, you can customize the risers to make drawers.

Consider these hidden storage ideas to avoid cluttered displays that take advantage of your staircase. This storage under the stairs will give it a stunning look and will create a neat décor. You can use it to store your wine collection and arrange it vertically so that it gives a neat impression to the room. This storage idea under the stairs will maximize space. Wine hidden storage from shelterness.

One hidden storage area that looks really simple is on the stairs. With hidden storage in the stairs, you can keep a collection of books and a few oranges in there and will create neat, uncluttered home decor. This built-in storage will add more style to your appearance and will make your home even tidier and will save space. This white nuance will also make the room look relieved and relieved. Hidden storage under stairs from shelterness.

Apart from shoes, you can also store furniture on the stairs with your hidden storage. With this storage, you will have a room that looks organized. With this decoration, you will have the appearance of a neat room and avoid clutter. Using this drawer keeper will provide an attractive decoration and your room will look stylish. Stairs with hidden storage from shelterness.

The Bed

Do you have some items that belong in your bedroom, but you don’t have storage or place for it? Then make hidden storage by utilizing the space under your bed. You can store any kinds of items like your clothes, belongings, or souvenirs that you don’t want to throw away. If making hidden storage is troublesome for you, you can buy a bed platform that already has one, or even a bed that has a mechanism to lift the mattress and reveal storage under it.

We recommend using the space under the bed to create hidden storage. In this storage area, you can store your belongings in sufficient quantities. You can use a wicker basket to give a room a neat décor and avoid clutter. You can use a raised bed to give the perfect look. You can pair it in a farmhouse style for a stunning look. Wicker basket under the bed from hative.

If you like to collect books, books are perfect if you use hidden storage like this. With this storage, you will get a more organized bedroom and avoid clutter. With this decoration, you will get the perfect room decoration and will make it easier for you to choose the book you want to read. You can provide a wooden divider to separate your book type. Book storage under the bed from hative.

Your bedroom that uses a bed with hidden storage like this will make your bedroom look neat because it can be used to store other equipment. You can use a wicker basket to create a neat look and avoid clutter. You can also complement the decor with a thick blanket to warm the body. The rugs throughout this room will also provide a warm décor. Hidden storage under the bed from hative.

Well, what do you think? Consider these hidden storage ideas to avoid clutter look the next time you are planning to reorganize your interior.

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