The authentic Tuscan country decor highlights the perpetual beauty of Italian culture, showcasing the uniqueness of the medieval Italian castle on a hill or a humble traditional farmhouse. Wooden ornaments are still dominating the overall look, with warm earthy colors like a terracotta roof, dark wood ceiling, and sunflower field outside. To give you more inspiration, read on the following ideas to decorate a Tuscan country home. 

The rustic feeling is everything 

Simply to say, the Tuscan country decor has everything to do with a rustic ambiance like wooden elements, from the furniture to the house’s accent. Wooden ceiling and wooden windows trim to balance the use of curved metal and iron frames left unpolished. 

Use wood accents in several living room interiors to emphasize the Tuscan country feel with a rustic style that looks so natural and simple. You can start from the ceiling to the floor, repaint the ceiling with white for a more elegant look. An old mirror with a gold engraved frame is also one of the furniture that fits in well in this room. Choose a classic white sofa as a comfortable sitting area to use all day long. Ceiling to wooden floor from thespruce.

If your ceiling already uses wood, then for furniture ideas in this Tuscan country bedroom decoration you can try a sturdy iron bed and not easily porous. Use bedding and pillowcases in neutral colors, namely white, so as not to spoil the view in this room. Don’t leave your white walls plain and boring, hang a painting with a larger size as a focal point that has artistic value. Wooden ceiling with iron beds from thespruce.

Add vintage objects

We all adore the love of Italians to the artsy crafts, and you may as well embrace some beautiful wall ornaments in your Tuscan style house. Old paintings passed down to generations will create an old-world ambiance. Hang a framed mirror in the living room for a vintage vibe while creating a great light reflection. 

Bring a different atmosphere to your Tuscan country living room decor with a large natural painting that almost covers your plain wall. Place the palm tree next to the sofa, more precisely in the corner of the room as a decoration that brings this room more to nature. Choose some vintage furniture to perfectly complement this living room decor, a wicker rug is the base of all this furniture. Natural paintings combined with palm trees from onekindesign.

The more framed paintings that are hung on your plain walls, the more beautiful the appearance of your Tuscan country living room decor will be. Choose painting frames with different sizes and themes to make them appear more colorful and cheerful. The wall clock here is also a functional additional ornament, you can choose a classic clock with a simple appearance but still looks attractive. Use matching colors on the painting frame to make it look more elegant. Wall painting with matching color from onekindesign.

Coarse style tiles

Some lavish Tuscan country decors showcase the opulent marble flooring, but you can also go for modest options. Instead of marbles, rustic tiles and stones make a great substitute for recreating the homey atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling tiles or natural stones arrangement works best in your bathroom, with some more retro touch like a free-standing tub that will make a great addition. 

Standing bathtub with stone tiles is one of the characteristics of the Tuscan country style that makes this room feel more vintage and classic. Accents help add a natural impression that is not excessive and very on budget, here you only need to make the stone surface feel smoother and not rough so that it remains comfortable to use this time of year. The glass windows provide natural light that comes from the sun. In this bathroom you can also add a sink and a wooden storage rack built in on it. Stone tile with standing bathtub from thespruce.

When you have applied a stone accent to the floor area, then for wall ideas you can choose wallpaper to cover it so that this bathroom design is not too plain and boring. This small floral wallpaper with dominant yellow color blends well when combined with a clean white bathtub and stainless steel faucet. Place this bathtub right next to the window so you can enjoy the outside view freely while bathing. This Tuscan country bathroom decorating idea is quite easy to try in your home. Stone floor with floral wallpaper from bhg.

Ceramic ornaments

No Tuscany home can live without ceramic tableware. They create a great spotlight stealer with some complex details, colors, and textures. Go for white and blue plate arrangements or a large ceramic bowl sitting in the middle of the dining table with earthy tones. 

To complement your dining table, choose several plates with different patterns and colors to present a Tuscan country nuance that feels different and more unique. Usually this Tuscan style has beautiful ceramic plates with intricate patterns and bright colors. This plate may look more modern because it has artistic motifs and never goes out of style. Dishes with intricate motifs and bright colors from thespruce.

This set of ceramic cutlery equipped with a teapot is the hallmark of the timeless Tuscan country style. This cutlery has a shabby color that gives a strong vintage impression. You can use it for dining or display it as a unique and antique decoration. This ceramic will be a rare item because it is no longer found in stores around your house. Antique ceramic cutlery from deavita.

Outdoor space

To recreate an authentic Tuscan country decor, be sure to leave space for outdoor living. It’s a great option to serve your alfresco dining with friends or enjoy abundant sunlights with some simple garden view. Even if you don’t have too much space, creating a front porch with wooden furniture will do the trick. 

Take advantage of your terrace area to relax with your family during the day or night. Choose an iron set table to make it more resistant to all weather, cover this iron chair with soft and soft pillows for a comfortable seat to use all day long. You can put this outdoor furniture right in front of the fireplace for a warmer atmosphere when the weather starts to feel cold. The combination of greenery and sunflowers makes a beautiful and never boring combination. Outdoor furniture that made of iron material from bhg.

This Tuscan country terrace surrounded by greenery provides a lot of inspiration for you. This yellow light makes the patio area warmer and more dramatic. Don’t forget to add outdoor furniture as a comfortable relaxing area to use during the day or night. This green plant also serves to protect you from the sun that is so hot during the day. Tuscan country terraces surrounded by greenery from thespruce.

There are many ideas to incorporate Tuscan country decor to embellish your home. Play with a wide array of natural color palettes to introduce airier atmosphere and lots of antique furniture to emphasize the character.

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