Beach provides inspiration for various types of design, including using various natural materials for coastal décor. Like how people in tropical areas adapt to the hot weather by using natural materials in their homes, you can use the same things to create a tropical vibe. Here are five natural materials you can turn into a decoration in a tropical beach-themed house.

1. Jute

Jute is considered the second most affordable natural fiber after cotton, and it has a beautiful rustic look. Its whitish brown look is perfect for making various decorative items, such as rugs, doormats, lampshades, and shades. Jute is also used to make ropes, and you can create DIY decorative items with them.

If you are looking for a unique coastal living room decoration, then jute is a solution that you can try. Applying it to a table lamp shade and choosing a thick hemp material will add a stylish room decor and will grab the attention of many. In addition, a glass flower pot equipped with a jute rope also creates a stylish room decoration. Jute table lamp shade from homebnc.

Jute is one of the natural ingredients that you can apply to tropical beach decorations. You can apply it to a rug, choose a rug with a large size so that it can be the base for some of your furniture. Placing it under the coffee table and sofa will create a warm impression on your feet. A rattan coffee table with macram cupboards and white sofas complete the decor. This all-white nuance will create a clean and spacious room decor. Jute rug from shelterness.

2. Rattan

Rattan may come from the forests, but they are popular decorative materials in various tropical houses, including the ones on the islands or beaches. Many rattan furniture items are suitable for coastal decors, such as chairs, sofas, and coffee tables. They are light and will “follow” the contour of your body after several years.

The rattan material in your furniture will match the decorations that you are currently interested in. Tropical beach decorations are simple but still attractive. Applying to chairs and rattan baskets will create an interesting decorating space for you to try. Combined with a wooden kppi table will create a rustic impression into this coastal-style room. Some of these wood framed wall decorations will make your room more stylish. Rattan chair and basket from shelterness.

A rattan coffee table placed in a tropical beach living room will further strengthen the sea beach impression of a room. Natural materials can be one of the characteristics of a tropical beach style. This rattan coffee table, complete with storage underneath, will create a neat room decoration and will make it easier for you to store various blankets while in the living room. Equipped with green plants in a vase, it will present a fresh and natural-looking room decoration. Rattan coffee table from shelterness.

3. Recycled Wood

Recycled wood has a slightly washed look compared to the fresh one. Many furniture or decorative items are made of driftwoods. The more industrious homeowners can even make the items from any free driftwood they can find. You can place a polished driftwood piece as an accent piece in any beach-themed house.

Besides being able to reduce existing waste by using recycled wood, it can also save money on furniture. By making it an open shelf, it will make your room decoration look neat and will avoid clutter. Add starfish ornaments and several ornamental ornaments to create an attractive room decoration. This small vase of hiaju plants will give you a stunning appearance. Open shelf drtiftwood from digsdigs.

In order to get perfect chemistry in the room, you must pay attention to the selection of materials that you use in decorating the room. If you want a natural rustic feel which of course provides the perfect wall decoration is the right choice. Shaping it like this anchor will create an interesting room decoration for you to try. Equipped with a wooden bench and soft pillows, it will create a comfortable coastal deroation. Anchor driftwood wall decor from digsdigs.

4. Pebbles

Pebbles create distinctive patterns and textures, perfect for a rustic décor. You can find natural pebbles from nearby beaches or order polished pebbles from stone distributors. Pebble tiles, wall ornaments, and decorative jars add beautiful beach look, especially if you pair them with other small natural objects, like seashells and twigs.

Turn your ordinary terra cotta pot into a lovely beach candle holder with this simple DIY project. Add some pebbles to the top of the pot and candles will make the room look stylish. Choose a blue paint color to complement your other beach decorations. By turning the pot over and placing a plate on it, you can make an elevated candle holder. The final touch is rope and starfish for an attractive coastal decoration. Candle Holder with pebble from homebnc.

Add some pebbles and driftwood as a centerpiece for an interesting dining table decoration idea for you to try. Completed with gray napkins and a few other ornaments for a stylish room decoration idea. This decoration idea will present a unique appearance and will steal the attention of many people. The pebbles create a distinctive pattern and texture, perfect for rustic decor. Pebbles and driftwood dining table from shelterness.

5. Seashells

You can make a lot of things with seashells, depending on their sizes and the level of your creativity. Small seashells have been turned into ornaments, artworks, or chandeliers, while the bigger ones are available as bowls, mini organizers, candle holders, and many more.

Succulents are in vogue right now, so why not add them to your beach decor? Green color goes well with coastal colors. Adding small shells and a piece of driftwood can be used as a wall decoration. Simply tie the seashells with string for the perfect room decoration idea that will grab the attention of many. Succulents tucked around the top give this wall decoration beauty and balance. Hanging shells with succulent from homebnc.

If you are confused about saving a collection of sea shells that you have collected for a long time, you can try placing them as a very beautiful and artistic wall decoration. Stringing shells into wreaths and satin ribbons will make an attractive room decoration for you to try. Placing it on the table and adding a mirror framed in gold, this creates an interesting room for you to try. Wreath sheshells from homebnc.

Get creative with natural materials when creating a coastal décor. They provide a rustic beauty that will suit any beach cabin or tropical house.

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