Among other garden decorations, a lantern is a whimsical ornament. The pretty design and prettifying lights will draw everyone’s attention for its unique charm. If you think that your lawn is missing something, consider placing this pretty item. To convince you further, check these magical lantern designs to beautify your outdoor garden accessories and décor.

Cylinder Solar Lantern

This cask lantern features a beautiful antique design. Made of metal and plastic, the retro lighting offers you a soft and warm dimming. The great thing about this lantern is, it has a built-in light sensor that allows the lantern to turn on at dusk and automatically turn off at dawn.

You should try to use a cylinder solar lantern to fill in the gaps along the path to your garden. Cylinder solar lantern is a smart innovation to decorate your yard but still save electricity because it uses solar power with an automatic panel that lights up when it’s dark. The unique design engraved on the lantern makes it even more beautiful, this light will come out of the carved small holes, making the garden feel more beautiful and different. Cylinder solar lantern with engraving surface from loveproperty.

Cylinder solar lantern is the right choice and you can try it because it has a minimalist design so it won’t take up much space on your garden yard. These lanterns are not too bright but enough to bring a romantic sensation to your yard due to the ambient light and dimness. The easy way to use it and the very affordable price makes this lantern much in demand by many people. Don’t just use less than two of these lights to produce a brighter light when night falls. Cylinder solar lantern on budget from certified-lighting.

Mason Jar Lanterns

A classic, dreamy, and romantic feel will instantly emerge as you hang these Mason jar lanterns. Most outdoor wedding parties use this idea, as well.  You can make these lanterns easily by yourself. All you need to prepare are Mason jar, wire coat, and light bulb and you are all set for some evening unwinding with family and friends.

Pour your creativity to decorate your home garden beautifully, try it with a mason jar lantern as a dramatic lighting that brings a warm impression outside the room. With materials that are simple and easy to find around you, it will certainly make it easier for you to make them. Hang the mason jar lantern on tree branches to provide light in the dark of night, here you just need to fill this mason jar lantern with and hang it using a wire on both sides to minimize the lantern jar falling and breaking. Mason jar lantern with candle lighting from homebnc.

Not always on tree branches to hang mason jar lanterns, try making another version by hanging it on your garden fence. Use a few mason jar lanterns to produce a brighter light, the sparkling light produced by the mason jar lantern in the yard of the house is ready to accompany your night. Choose string lights with yellow lights for a more romantic, warm and dramatic backyard look. One rope is strong enough to fasten it to your fence. Mason jar lantern with string light from homebnc.

Outdoor Stake Solar Lantern

This lantern comes in two options, round and tear-drop shape. It has a striking pattern design and produces calming light. After receiving full eight hours of sunlight, this stake lantern can shine for eight up to ten hours. Their presence will make everyone stop, turn, look, and feel amazed.

You can also use an outdoor stake solar lantern in your yard as lighting and a divider for the garden area. The round design that resembles a crystal ball makes it look more luxurious. Install some of these round crystal lanterns using poles of the same size and height for a more elegant impression. The colorful flowers that grow under these lanterns give a beautiful and more colorful nuance. Stake crystal round lanterns from woohome.

Another option for your outdoor garden lighting ideas is a glass solar stake made of glass with a unique and elegant trumpet shape. This solar lantern has a white light so it will provide maximum illumination at night. You can put it on the side of the yard so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when you are in this garden decoration. This lantern will scatter as much solar energy as it will save greatly on financing at the end of the month. Stake solar glass lantern with trumpet shape from certified-lighting.

Solar Bamboo LED Tiki Torch

Do you love a natural impression in your garden decoration? You can use an LED Tiki torch with a bamboo stake. You can make the bamboo stake by yourself. Stick these lanterns alongside your front yarn pathways or courtyard for the utmost magical night.

The bamboo stake used as a container for solar lanterns gives it a unique appearance and is different from the others. You can use these stake bamboo lanterns along the path to your backyard garden. The lighting produced from this lantern will help your night activities when you are here in detail. There is no need to worry about the electricity used because these lanterns do not use electricity but they absorb as much solar energy during the day as they do. Bamboo stake solar Tiki torch from loveproperty.

Another way to use this Tiki torch is to put some of these torches into one container, namely a pot to produce brighter lighting and will light up your night while in this outdoor garden. You can move this Tiki torch to any area you want easily without wires. Tiki torch with bamboo stakes from woohome.

Colorful Paper Lanterns

Unlike the four ideas mentioned earlier, these paper lanterns are not durable. Even so, these fairy lights are very much loved because they are too pretty to resist. If you wish to hold a garden party or a humble hangover with friend and family, these color-rich lightings will make everyone feels special.

Apart from providing bright lighting, the colorful paper lanterns also make the backyard ceiling area look more cheerful and colorful. You can make this paper lantern resemble a Moroccan lamp, giving it a classic feel that never goes out of style. The light produced by these lanterns provides a warm, sunny outdoor feel and is perfect for lighting at night. This DIY paper lantern is one of the most unique lighting designs and is very easy to try right now. DIY colorful paper lanterns from prettydesigns.

Another option for lighting in a backyard garden is paper lanterns with cute and adorable round shapes. You can hang it with a rope on the branch of a tree to maximize the lighting in your garden. Don’t just use a paper lantern or two for a more colorful and vibrant garden feel. The coffee table set in this courtyard area can be a relaxing place to unwind after a long day of work. Round paper lanterns from decoist.

There is something whimsical and magical about garden lanterns. For that very reason, placing them for your outdoor garden accessories and décor will never go wrong. Amaze and stun your family and friends with those lantern choices.

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