Your bedroom should be your safe haven. It’s the place where you can relax after a long, tiring day and you want to make sure that everything is in perfect comfort. Some people prefer to upgrade their bedsheets and pillow, yet some others prefer to install a great headboard instead.

Being the focal point of your bedroom, a headboard can be a statement piece that’s hard to miss. Since finding the perfect headboard can be tricky, you can opt for these unique DIY headboard ideas to create your perfect piece.

1.     Rustic Window Headboard

Who would’ve thought that a rustic window can be a great addition to your DIY headboard? Looking unique and hard to miss, easily attach it with the help of screw, measure tape, and level. Voila, your bedroom instantly becomes a rustic haven to live in!

Reuse your reclaimed wood window frames as DIY bedroom furniture ideas to make them more useful. You can use four window frames to be used as a cheap DIY headboard and of course very on budget. This headboard window has a shabby white color that brings a simple and vintage impression at the same time, you can try this recycle idea easily. Old window frame headboard from lizmarieblog.

2.     Geeky Book Headboard

If you’re passionate about reading and books, install this book DIY headboard to add depth and character to your bedroom. You will need a lot of cheap thrift books and attach it to a base. The final look is a row of floating books that will make everyone enchanted.

Do you want a creative and much more different bedroom decor? If so, then you can use a geeky book headboard that is arranged vertically. This headboard design describes someone who likes to read, at the top of the book headboard you can add a floating wooden shelf as a storage idea that you can use to put lighting and green plant ornaments that are not too big. Vertical geeky book headboard from decoist.

If you have more books that you no longer use, then you can use them as DIY headboard ideas that seem more quality and of course make the room feel more artistic. You can open this book and then hang it using strong glue so it doesn’t fall off when you hit it. Arrange this book neatly and attract attention. Old book headboard from housebeautiful.

3.     Canopy as a Headboard

Wanting to experience how it feels like to sleep like a princess? Easily dupe the feeling by installing a canopy for your DIY headboard. All you need is fabric, curtain rod, curtain brackets, anchor, and screws.

Wooden poles, white sheer cloth, string light and tropical leaves are a DIY combination for a canopy headboard design that is very easy to make and of course very on budget. You can apply this tropical leaf on the canopy as an eye view at night before going to bed. Gold leaf decoration applied to the floor will be a comfortable carpet. Canopy headboard with green leaf accents from homedit.

The pallet bed frame is perfected with a canopy headboard made of wood and green plants into a blend of materials that can work well together. Both of these materials have a natural impression that is environmentally friendly. Brown ribbons are additional decorations that you can use, while some candle holders are warm lighting and seem dramatic at night. Canopy headboard with wood frame from homedit.

4.     Renowned Wooden Headboard

Yet another rustic galore to your DIY headboard, opt for a renowned wooden board and install it as your new headboard. Simply sand, repaint it and stain it with the pattern you desire.

Reuse the distressed wood that you have in the warehouse to make it as a DIY headboard that is suitable for decorating a farmhouse bedroom. No need to repaint this headboard, let DIY furniture appear naturally. Complete this DIY look with a brick wall that is repainted using white that has a color that matches the bedding you use. Distressed wood headboard from countryliving.

The wooden pallet used as the headboard material has a shabby chic impression because it is not polished and repainted. You can design this wooden pallet headboard using a herringbone pattern that many people like, besides that this headboard pattern is done so it doesn’t seem boring. The wall decoration above the headboard becomes a beautiful ornament. Wooden pallet headboard from countryliving.

An easy way to bring a natural DIY feel to your bedroom decor is to use a wooden slat headboard, you can polish this headboard for a cleaner and shiny look. This wooden slat headboard is complemented by two nightstands decorated with greenery, table lamps and floor lamps that can be used as lighting at night. Wooden slat headboard from countryliving.

5.     String Light Headboard

This DIY headboard is probably the easiest and simplest one on the list. Using any color that you desire most, arrange the string lamp to create a headboard-like shape and don’t forget to fasten it to the wall with glue or pins. Find yourself being illuminated at night when you’re reading in bed.

Choose and use a string light as a DIY headboard idea in your bedroom decor for a more unique and different appearance. Besides being able to decorate your plain walls, the string light headboard will also be a lighting that you can use when your bedroom feels dark. Choose and use a string light with yellow lighting for a warm and dramatic impression. Triangle string light headboard from digsdigs.

The appearance of the bedroom walls will be brighter when you use a string light headboard that produces a white color. This string light headboard can be shaped into a unique and creative home decoration. Turn on this string light at night for a clearer and more perfect view. Pink bedding gives a feminine impression that is not excessive. House shape string light headboard from digsdigs.

Nowadays, more and more people opt for a non-conventional headboard and choose to make one themselves. These DIY headboard ideas are a great start if you’re confused and want some inspirations to get you going.

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