Holding so many potentials in the corners, these DIY corner shelves ideas are a start to maximize the space in your house. Forget all the awkward, space-wasting empty corners that you can’t utilize. Whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen, or other living spaces, you can always use one of these DIY shelves ideas and fill in the things you didn’t know would fit.

For a first-timer, it might be challenging to find something that fits. To help you, here are the best DIY corner shelves that are not only simple and easy but also inexpensive.

1.     Swing-Style Corner Shelf

Running out of space to store your children’s toys and dolls? Swing-style DIY corner shelves can be your space-saving solution. Overlapping each other, the wooden planks meet each other right in the middle. No need to worry about the toys falling, since this shelf is complemented with a strong rope to handle the weight.

To maximize the corner space in your living room, you can install a corner hanging shelf in your living room for a practical storage idea. You can put some dolls and your child’s book collection to give the perfect room decoration. This way you will have a living room decor that will amaze and grab the attention of a large crowd. You can even add some furniture and other armchairs to create a comfortable impression in this room. Corner hanging shelf from homebnc.

A charming and beautiful decoration idea in the corner of the room. Those who use ropes and wooden planks in a circle will become swing racks. It gives a creative impression to your home style. You can add some of your child’s toy collection to create the perfect room decoration. No need to worry about falling toys, because this shelf is equipped with a strong rope to hold the load. Round wooden hanging shelv from housebeautiful.

2.     Rustic Floating Corner Shelves

If you’re a fan of rustic aesthetics, a charming rustic floating corner shelf will be your next favorite spot. You can arrange it depends on what decoration you want to emphasize and the things you want to put on it.

This is a floating shelf made of whole pieces of wood that gives it a rustic style. With floating shelves placed in the corner of the room which is designed to be four levels. It creates a beautiful decoration and doesn’t take up much space in your home. Placing it in the corner of the living room will be an interesting room decoration for you to try. You can add a few other ornaments for additional storage ideas. Beam floating shelf from homebnc.

Wooden pallets are arranged elegantly in one corner of the room. This wooden floating shelf provides a welcoming and charming concept. Apart from that, the owl decoration combination adds to the floating shelf which is even more charming. This idea will create a room with a perfect rustic impression so that it will make for an interesting room decoration. You can arrange them depending on what décor you want to emphasize and the things you want to put on it. Wooden pallet from homebnc.

3.     Wooden Floating Corner Shelves

Keeping things simple, neat, yet sturdy, DIY corner shelves are made of plywood with a smooth and high-quality finish. It is a perfect decoration for a minimalistic office or living room that requires a little spruce up.

This elegant floating shelf on wooden planks is placed in the corner of the room. To place your ornament or something else to decorate the room nicely. Using wood will create a sturdy impression and will not last long. It’s the perfect decor for a minimalist living room that needs a little decorating. Adding a hanging pot from macram rope also brings a fresh impression to the room. Floating shelf on wooden planks from homebnc.

Simple but useful for wooden floating shelves in the corner of the room. You only need a piece of wooden plank, so you should arrange it like this image. You can put it next to the door right in the corner of the wall. By forming a triangle this floating shelf will look attractive because of its unique design and will steal the attention of many people. You can add some ornaments and photo frames for a stunning design. Triangle wooden floating shelves from homebnc.

4.     Crafty Crate Corner Shelf

The crate corner shelf is a perfect addition for your DIY corner shelves collections. Unlike other shelves, this crate is neatly set on the floor, saving you from the trouble of nailing it to the wall.

The smart choice of avoiding the use of screws or nails by placing a shelf on the floor is a unique decoration for you to try. This unique floor unit has a contemporary chest look that’s gaining popularity in shabby chic décor. It fits snugly in the corner and offers multiple shelves. In addition, this type of shelf is easy to move and will not take up much space. Corner crates stoage from homebnc.

The idea of using a corner storage from a wooden crate will present an interesting storage idea and will steal people’s attention. You can easily keep your book collection neat and will not have a cluttered room. Re-paint the chest to match your interior color so that it becomes the perfect room decor. You can mount these shelves from floor to ceiling for ample storage ideas. Corner storage with crates from homestratosphere.

5.     Modern Black Zig-Zag Shelf

Adding a contemporary touch to your home, a modern black zig-zag shelf is a unique and eye-catching addition to your corner. Fill it with plants, statues, or anything that you want to proudly display.

A modern zigzag shelf in the corner of the wall can provide the best decor shot for any free space in the corner of the wall. Useful for placing decorations or ornaments you want. besides that, with a shelf design like this you will have an attractive room decoration and will make the room perfect. You can put some ornaments and greenery in small pots for the perfect display. Modern zigzag shelf from homebnc.

Zigzag floating shelf next to the sofa. This one will complement your perfect decor in the living room. To place some greenery like this, or you can put something you want. This DIY corner shelf will help you maximize space and ensure that no corners are left behind. This idea will make the room look neat and avoid clutter. Black zigzag floating shelf from homebnc.

When it comes to corners, these DIY corner shelves will help you in maximizing space and to make sure that there’s no nook left behind.

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