No matter how often you clean up and organize the wardrobe, it seems like this piece of furniture will always end up messy again. Although it is an easy task, organizing a wardrobe is an ongoing process, considering that many people also continuously updating their wardrobe. To make your closet less cluttered and organized longer, you are going to need these smart tips.

1. Arrange your clothes by category

This trick is really simple but can do wonder, especially when you are in a hurry so that you don’t have to rummage through your pile of clothes. Store all your clothes by category, for example, separating pajamas from workout clothes, and separating sundresses from work clothes, and so on.

You can sort all the clothes in the wardrobe according to your needs, for example, you can hang all the blazers in this wardrobe using a hanger that is neatly arranged so that it is easier to find when you need it. While the t-shirts made of thin cotton, you can fold them and place them in a stack to save on the wardrobe racks to fit more. Besides that, this minimalist wardrobe is also equipped with drawers that you can use as an additional storage idea. Hang the blazer with a hanger from architecturaldigest.

Fold all the t-shirts that you have neatly, then you can stack them according to the color so that they are easier to get in a fast time. Not only clothes, you can also store all your bags, shoes and even sandals in the same wardrobe to get a tidier room decoration and of course not create a mess. This wardrobe is arranged vertically so that it saves more floor space. Fold the shirts and stack them according to the color from architecturaldigest.

2. Anything fancy go to the hanger

If you have limited space to hang your clothes, then stick with hanging fancy clothes only. Clothes like skirts, suits, dresses, coats, and blazers are better hanged. To make your hanger section looks neat, make sure to hang everything facing the same direction and arrange them by length as well.

Clothes hanger is one of your clothes storage which makes the wardrobe look more organized and easier to find because it hangs according to its category. For example, the upper wardrobe for hanging skirts and the lower cupboard for hanging shirts. In this cupboard you can arrange everything according to your daily needs. Meanwhile, a closed cupboard which is quite small is used as a bag storage area. Categorize clothes with hanging hanger from architecturaldigest.

Choose several hangers that will be hung in your wardrobe as a more effective and efficient storage area when needed. You can hang heavy clothing such as jackets or blazers that are not easy to fold. In addition, clothes that are hangered will also be easier to find in a fast time, you can add an empty area to put some of your favorite high heels more safely and of course, free from dust. Hanging hanger for clothes that are difficult to fold from architecturaldigest.

3. Stack thick clothing

Stack any thick and bulky clothing like sweaters and stiff denim jeans. Hanging them will waste a lot of space, and you don’t have to worry about them getting crinkled or lose shape because they are quite sturdy and thick.

If you have several jeans then it’s best to save space in your wardrobe, you can fold them and stack them vertically, this way your wardrobe will be organized more neatly and of course there’s no mess. This wardrobe is also equipped with a divider so you can categorize it according to the color that will look more luxurious and of course elegant. Choose a wardrobe with a soft and smooth texture so as not to get caught in the clothes causing tearing. Fold the jeans and stack them vertically from mydomaine.

Furthermore, the clothes that you can fold are sweaters with thick material. Choose an area to put this sweater to make it more organized. For example, putting a few folds of a sweater on the far left shelf. With this you can use a wardrobe with a more diverse storage area. Choose and use a wardrobe that has the same color as your wall paint to make it look more luxurious and maximal. Fold the sweater and place it in one area of the wardrobe from mydomaine.

4. Install drawer dividers

Install drawer dividers for your wardrobe drawers. This way, you will be able to store your undergarment neatly in each section of your drawer dividers. It will also let you know when it is time for you to do laundry, in case you are running out of clean undergarment.

So that your tie is not scattered everywhere, then you can use a wooden drawer with a divider that matches the size of the tie so that it will be organized more neatly and optimally. This drawer is made of melamine wood so it has a smoother surface and you don’t need to worry about damaging your fabric. Pull this drawer outward when storing or picking up your tie. Pull-out drawer for tie storage from hgtv.

You can use this built in wardrobe drawer to store some sweaters or t-shirts that you use very often so that they will be organized and easier to find when wearing them. No need to worry about your clothes being mixed with others because this drawer is equipped with a divider with a fairly high size. Drawer pull built in wardrobe with divider from diynetwork.

5. Hang your accessories on the empty walls

Don’t let your accessories getting tangled because you are storing it in a drawer. Keep it neat and nice by hanging them on the empty walls of your wardrobe. It will save you time in the morning when you are in a rush and have to get ready quickly.

Take advantage of the empty wall area to hang some of your jewelry so that it is easier to find when looking for when you are in a hurry to attend a wedding. You simply hang it with the hook that is already attached to this wall, hang this necklace according to the category. This jewelry storage idea is very easy and doesn’t take up much space, you can try it right now. Hanging jewelry with a hook from makespace.

This jewelry hanger that hangs in the wall area is the perfect storage idea to keep your jewelry from getting damaged and falling to the floor. This hanger will hang all of the jewelry you have in one container so that you will be more focused when looking for this jewelry when needed in a short time. Jewelry hanger that hangs into the wall area from makespace.

Those are some simple and smart tips you should try to make your wardrobe looks neat and organized for longer. By using an organizing system, you will be forced to keep these storing habits, and therefore your wardrobe will not get messy easily.

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