Dashing, practical, and budget-friendly, it’s no wonder that DIY pipe shelves are dominating every Pinterest board and interior blog. To make it even better, DIY pipe shelves are pretty easy to assemble and install as well.

While it seems difficult at first, creating your own pipe shelf will become an easy task if you know what to look for. Whether it’s a rustic, industrial, or eclectic look that you’re aiming for, here are the five best modern and easy DIY pipe shelves ideas to get you going.

1.     Rustic Pipe Wall Shelf

If storing heavy things such as printers and racks is your main objective, try opting for these wall-mounted DIY pipe shelves that prevent you from bumping into things. Feeling like the arrangement is too rigid? Add one or two greeneries to make it livelier.

DIY rustic pipe rack that wants to fill a blank wall. Create practical storage options. With pipe and wood materials plus a few plants in a vase can give a beautiful and special impression. You can put it on a console table for an upscale living room storage idea to try out and will make the focal point of a perfect room. You can also add a few other ornaments for an interesting storage idea. DIY rustic pipe rack from homedit.

An interesting concept is in the farmhouse-style bathroom using a pipe wall shelf. Pipe wall rack for storage of towels and some other supplies. In addition, the shelves on the gray walls provide a color contrast that is even more beautiful and charming. In this way, it will add a modern urban country house vibe to your space. Pipe wall shelf on wall bathroom from homedit.

2.     Floating Wooden Shelf

This floating wooden shelf is a solution if you want to display your favorite things neatly. The shelf doesn’t take much space, is portable, and you can simply mount and dismount according to your needs.

Install a floating shelf that is stylish and functional. The simple floating shelf design and giving the perfect impression to your room will be the perfect focal point of the room and will steal the attention of many people. Shelves take up less space, are portable, and you can attach and remove them as needed. Using floating shelves for storage ideas for some ornaments will certainly make your room avoid clutter and will make your room tidy. Wooden and pipe floating shelves from homedit.

Get creative in a farmhouse-style living room by adding floating wooden shelves. With driftwood shelves made of wooden planks and three-level pipes for storage of collections of books and other ornaments. In addition, this floating shelf does not take up much space and is able to provide good functionality to the bathroom. Floating wooden shelves from homedit.

3.     Movable Portable Shelving Unit

A particularly incredible piece, immediately neaten your house with these movable DIY pipe shelves. Combining both metal and wood in the same piece, the shelf also comes with wheels so you can move it freely.

This is a practical furniture design at home. Namely using a movable portable shelving unit made of wood and pipes combined with wheels that are used to store books and other equipment. This makes your design convenient for moving and functioning this shelf. You can add this storage area to the entrance and add it with a large painting that will make the room the perfect focal point. Movable portable shelving unit from homebnc.

This versatile pipe rack idea functions as a bar cart in your home. With racks made of pipes, wood, and wheels. This gives a practical impression. Apart from being easy to move, this shelf can also be used as a side table. Who creates special furniture. Use it to store various types of drinks with ease for a clutter-free room design. Moveable pipe rack and wooden bar cart from homedit.

4. Wooden Joint Shelf and Corner Wall Space

Being a practical focal point of the house, these wall-jointed DIY pipe shelves are both functional and fashionable. You can fit anything from small toys to large vases, and its sturdy material won’t budge.

By using a wooden shelf with a pipe placed in the corner of the room. Take advantage of the small space by adding shelves to provide ample storage space. This makes the perfect impression for you by placing the shelf in the corner of the room. In addition, this shelf will serve as a room idea so that it doesn’t get cluttered and looks neat. You can also add a red chair so that this shelf becomes a multifunctional shelf that can also be used for a study table. Wooden shelf with a pipe from simplifiedbuilding.

Placing a pipe rack in the corner of the room with a combination of brick and wood walls gives a pretty mix. Will help create a practical and comfortable impression in your room. In addition, choosing a pip with white paint will present a matching room decoration and will provide an interesting type of storage for you to try. You can use this shelf to store various types of ornaments for a stylish room appearance. Corner pipe and wooden shelves from simplifiedbuilding.

5.     Ceiling Mounted DIY Pipe Shelves

Flipping things can be quite interesting when it comes to DIY pipe shelves. Jointing the pipes to the ceiling instead of the floor, find yourself immersed in how neat and modern your home becomes.

Creative ideas to maximize the space in the bedroom, by adding a driftwood shelf accent with a combination of pipes. Wooden shelves that are placed in the corners of the room give a more practical and easy impression. Hanging it from this ceiling will maximize the space in the room and will make your room more tidy and stylish. You can use this shelf to store various collections of books easily and neatly. Wooden and pipe celling shelves from simplifiedbuilding.

Using shelves is a practical idea. But the wooden combination pipe rack adds to the impression of being attractive and more beautiful. With shelves from ceiling to floor, it will maximize the space in your living room. In addition, this shelf is not only a storage area but also an interesting room divider for you to try. You can also add some wicker stands for a neat and stylish additional storage idea. Wooden and pipe shelves from ceiling to floor from simplifiedbuilding.

There is a wide range of DIY pipe shelves that you can choose from. Be prepared to make up your mind because it can be hard to pick only one!

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