No one can blame when the eager to redesign things and decorate room rises. It’s the time when your creative ideas flooding the mind and tickle you to do something. But lack of budget ruins them all due to massive restyling in other rooms. And your balcony is left untouched. That’s horrific!

When that happens, don’t frown yet. Your budget should not limit creativity. You can decorate anything and any time you want. These apartment balcony décor on a budget is here to help.

Can Planters

After every massive room redesigning, there are usually paint cans left. As the idea of cheap redesigning includes recycling, this is a total win. You can turn those cans into colorful planters.

Paint them in any color and drill small holes in the bottom to drain the water. Next, fill with soil and plants then hang them on railings or wooden walls. Your mind will be thankful for that.

Reuse unused paint cans in the warehouse as an idea for your ornamental plant pots to hang on the balcony wall area of the apartment. Repaint all these pots with different bright colors to produce a more vibrant balcony decoration, hang them vertically with three neat and orderly rows of pots. Colorful cans pots from homebnc.

If you have a wooden trellis installed on one part of the apartment balcony wall, then you can hang colored pots on this trellis so that it can join other plants and other colored pots around it. These tin pots are very on budget and easy to make, some colorful blooming flowers are a sight that never gets boring. Repaint tin plant pots from homebnc.

Another option for hanging flower tin pots is in a white picket fence area for beautiful and colorful scenery and decoration ideas. Before repainting all the used cans that you have, you should wash them first and then wait for them to dry after that you can repaint them with bright and colorful colors of choice. Flower tin pots for fence decoration from goodhousekeeping.

DIY Bamboo Screen

When you lean back on the couch reading a book, there’s usually a peculiar sight in front of you. Whether it is an inappropriately-dress neighbor or scary prying eyes, you need a barrier. But, you don’t want to block all those sunlight by putting a tall fence, do you?

So, instead of creating a full cover, installing a bamboo screen horizontally sounds better. You can get this apartment balcony décor on a budget for less than $2. That way, enjoying the sun while getting your privacy from neighbors will feel a lot better.

The balcony of the apartment will be a comfortable relaxing area with a refreshing breeze. For now, you can try natural bamboo fences to support the sun which makes you feel dazzled when sitting in this area in the morning or afternoon. In addition, the bamboo fence also makes your balcony decoration more private. Natural bamboo fence from architectureartdesigns.

The woven bamboo fence that is applied to the balcony area helps you when you are exposed to glare during the day or evening. You can apply white bulb lights in this fence area as lighting that is suitable for use at night without spending a lot of money. Bamboo material also does not cost much because it has a low selling price. DIY bamboo fence on budget from architectureartdesigns.

Bamboo is one of the materials that you can try to decorate the apartment balcony by turning it into a natural fence and it doesn’t cost a lot of money when making it. Make a bamboo fence as high as possible to avoid you from the hot sun while relaxing with your family or friends. Decorate this fence with white ball lights that are used as the main lighting at night. High DIY bamboo fence from deavita.

To bring a more natural feel to your balcony apartment decoration, the use of DIY bamboo fences is one of the right ideas that you can try. Then you can use a wooden pallet daybed which is covered with a white mattress as a warmer and softer sleeping area. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add some decorations such as flowers and green plants so that the balcony atmosphere feels fresher. DIY bamboo balcony railing with a natural touch from deavita.

Fairy Lights

Basic, but classy. Not all balconies have these lights. Instead of fairy lights, people tend to use string lights with bigger light bulbs. To get the most of them, choose a set of solar-powered ones for around $8. They will turn on as soon as it gets dark.

The plus of this kind of lamp comes from their light. They are not as bright as string ones but still serve the purpose. They are easy on the eyes so the balcony would feel more intimate and inviting.

String light with a larger light bulb can be combined with candle lighting in the floor area. These two lightings will work well together to bring a warmer and more dramatic feel to the balcony of the apartment, the balcony area is also equipped with an outdoor bathtub that you can use for a soak to relax your body for the length of time you want. String light with big light bulb from architectureartdesigns.

Choose and use several string lights as the main lighting that you can apply in decorating the apartment balcony. Not enough string light alone, you can also use a candle lantern on the table as additional lighting that is warm and dramatic. These two lightings will work well together so you can get the perfect apartment balcony feel like what you want. Combination of string light with candle lantern from architectureartdesigns.

If you need the right lighting in the balcony area of the apartment, then you can use a string light that has a yellow light to bring a warmer balcony feel. The resulting lighting is not too bright so it is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be too bright when used at night, this lamp also has a price that is not too expensive so it is more affordable. String lights with yellow lighting from architectureartdesigns.

Apartment balcony décor on a budget is not a thing worry about. It’s in you. Are you up for the idea?

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