Decorating both new and old apartments will always present you with some challenges. Thus, your mind keeps questioning about a few things, such as home décor to use, furniture to buy, home appliances to have, and accessories or decorations to display. However, when your budget is limited, the answers to the questions seem restricted, too. 

In fact, if you dig into apartment decorating ideas a little further, you’ll find that dressing up your space on a budget is possibly done. 

1. Adorn Your Wall with Floating Shelves

Nothing can beat floating shelves for their space-saving and functional ability. Not only that, they can act as decorative items if you select and arrange them properly. For example, fixing shelves on your brick wall will offer you an easy centerpiece in an apartment living room.

Also, the most important thing about all those shelves is they are definitely a cost-effective option for you.

This brick wall repainted in white will look more aesthetic when equipped with a floating wooden shelf that is used to show off some beautiful green plant ornaments, animal statues, and candle holders as simple and on a budget lighting. Hang this shelf using a rope made of rubber to make it more elastic when hanging. Wooden shelves that are hung using a rubber rope from hgtv.

Take advantage of the wall area in the corner of this living room as an area to store some wall decoration ideas that beautify the room to the maximum. Install this wooden box shelf vertically according to the area of your unused wall. Because this shelf is hung on the wall of a modern living room, you can repaint it to make it look cleaner and match the style of the room. In addition, the appearance of this shelf also looks shiny when exposed to reflected sunlight. Vertical wooden box shelf from hgtv.

This small floating wooden shelf that is installed in the living room wall area will be a storage idea as well as wall decoration that has a low manufacturing cost so that it is more on budget. Take advantage of this shelf to put some family photos as beautiful memories, then apply green plants together as a more perfect wall decor idea. Leave this shelf with its original wood color to make it seem more vintage and natural. Vintage wooden floating shelf from apartmenttherapy.

Not only installing hanging shelves on the living room wall, now you can install it in the bedroom wall area or rather above the bed. Choose a shelf made of teak wood so that it is not easily porous, then you can put painting frames, green plant vases, and mini cantus with cute terracotta containers. The combination of several wall decorations on this shelf becomes a beautiful and creative focal point of the room, you can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Wooden shelves as wall decoration from apartmenttherapy.

2. Ornament Your Space with Indoor Plants

If you are a keen gardener, you’ll sure love this idea: indoor plants for your apartment decorations. Place them on the room corner, floating shelves, windowsill, tabletop, nightstand, mantel, or other places. Yet, don’t forget to use adorable and unique ceramic pots. By doing this, your room will be so welcoming and enchanting to see. 

For you who aren’t really expert in gardening, choosing low-maintenance plants such as succulent and cactus is a good start. 

Plants have always been a room decoration that many people like because they have a low cost. In the living room of this apartment, you can choose several types of green plants in your garden. Use indoor plants that have low maintenance to make it easier for you when doing daily maintenance, plants that get enough sunlight will grow and develop perfectly. Low maintenance indoor greenery from realhomes.

Take advantage of the corner of your living room to put a rubber tree-type green plant that has a fairly high size. You can use a rattan wicker pot as a container for this plant, do regular maintenance to get indoor plants that can grow lush and perfect. Place this green plant vase on a wooden bench so that it can be seen more clearly when viewed from a further direction. Indoor rubber tree corner from realhomes.

Perfect the windowsill decoration in your apartment living room decor with several types of plants placed in pots with different materials and sizes. The combination of green plants with flowers that have towering stems is the perfect combination to decorate the room to the maximum. These green plants and flowers will thrive because they get enough sunlight. Decorating windowsill with greenery from realhomes.

Choose and switch one of the green plants in your garden as a room decoration that gives a fresh impression and is suitable to be placed in any stylish room, including this mid-century style living room. In this room you can use a pot made of cement so it is more durable and not easily porous. Repaint the pot using a color that matches one of the interiors around it. Green plant with cement pot from realhomes.

3. Mind Your Color Options

Keeping all the details in neutral colors is one of the safest apartment decorating ideas. However, the effort must go far beyond that. See how some pop of colors can give you an astonishing view of a room. For example, furnish your white kitchen room with mint blue, orange, and red seats. 

There is nothing wrong with using one of the apartment living room furniture with a bold color that is different from the other interiors around it. This blue sofa made of velvet in addition to being the focal point of the room also has a smoother and thicker surface so it is very comfortable when used to relax while in this room. Combine it with other chairs and sofas that have a splash of more neutral color as an elegant combination. Blue velvet sofa from hgtv.

The decoration of the dining room which is dominated by brown and white colors will appear more pleasant when equipped with red dining chairs that surround the black matte wood dining table. This chair has a larger number so it is suitable for those of you who have a family of more than five people. The built-in bookshelf becomes a multifunctional view and is very useful for you. Dining chairs painted in red color from hgtv.

Another option to display a superior living room decoration is the use of some furniture that has a bold color. This green chair combined with a brown sofa made of leather is an eye-catching combination. You can also use patterned rugs in different colors such as blue for a more colorful look, try neutralizing this room with white wall paint. The combination of a green chair with a blue patterned rug from hgtv.

Change the look of your kitchen instantly by using several different bold colors in one room. For example, you can use a pastel blue dining chair with a stove that has a splash of orange. These two colors will work well and will be seen more clearly when applied to white kitchen décor. Try it easily without spending a lot of money. Combination of pastel blue chairs with orange stove from hgtv.

4. Throw Rug to Your Bland Floor

Rugs might be the most valuable and inexpensive option if you want to dress your space up. They are useful to add warmth, pattern, and color to your room. Just visit some local stores in your town, you’ll find pretty and inexpensive rugs for sale. Be sure to pick one that will liven up your apartment look.

To add an elegant impression to the decoration of the living room apartment on your budget, then cover the wooden floor with a vintage patterned rug. Choose and use a rug in a superior color like red. Some green plants become natural decorations as well as room complements and are suitable for the room to make it seem fresher and of course, get healthier room air. Vintage rug in red from nextluxury.

Apply a striped rug in a modern living room with white nuances to give a unique texture that makes the room not easily boring. This striped rug has a combination of black and white so that it looks more perfect and can blend with the feel of a white room. Don’t forget to decorate your white walls with frame paintings that are large enough for an artistic touch that fits perfectly with the style of this room. Striped black and white rug from nextluxury.

Make your floor surface warmer and softer by installing a faux fur rug that has a larger size so that it can be used to put a few feet of furniture in this room to make it look more elegant. Choose this rug with a geometric pattern that never gets boring and certainly doesn’t go out of style. Perform rug maintenance by using a vacuum cleaner regularly. Faux fur living room rug from nextluxury.

So, which of these apartment decorating ideas will you use?

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