Living room is a hub of a house. It is the place where people gather around discussing things and have fun. Even for some houses where a family room is unlikely, the living room serves as a TV room.

Throughout the century, living room hasn’t changed so much. Furniture plays a huge role in its décor, determining how your living room looks. For a small space, interiors work to enlarge it. Here’s how.

Scale Down Interiors

The choice of interiors determines the visual size of the living room. Thus, select a leaner table and chairs. Some couches are big, but there are good chances you find a lean comfy couch to fit the narrow space. Trust the rest to the classic wooden armchair. Then, consider wall-mounted shelves to house your books, vase, and other décor items or decorative wall art.

Combine white walls with colorful furnishings. When it comes to creating a simple living room, you can get mighty creative with color. To make it this idea work, keep your walls and ceiling bright white.
Small living room inspired by palm spring. Plants everywhere and botanic wallpaper both give the simple living room an enormous wow factor. Furniture in soft colors allows the greenery to pop.
Use paint to carve. A bright yellow feature wall carves out a small living room in a pint-size one-bedroom apartment. Two pieces of small-scale furniture in soft colors, a sofa, and an armchair, bring comfort.
How to transform a weird corner into an inviting living room?. The sofa below it anchors the area. The gallery wall on the left further defines the space. A small-scale marble coffee table and mid-century side chair bring practical function.
Swap the knick-knacks for beautiful greenery. Another opt to make your living room more lively, put some greenery such as a cactus. It decorated perfectly in this small living room, obviously.
The pale color palette in this living room gives the space it’s a tranquil and relaxing vibe. Notice the backward books? Facing the pages out works with the room’s color scheme.
Dark furniture and the white wall works so great. In fact, this living room plays harmoniously by blend two different contrast, as a result.
Simply elegant statement with luxurious accents. A plush Scandinavian inspired rug feels fantastic under bare feet. The starburst mirrors add sparkle without going overboard. The fiddle leaf fig tree, shown on the right brings a touch of nature.
Get cozy with a sectional sofa and looks so fit with space. Best of all, you can create a minimalist concept in the small space but with maximizing furniture to fits the room.

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Don’t too much play a decoration especially big furniture in the small space. Just put a single couch with a wooden coffee table and some a floating shelf above the couch.

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Don’t Mind the Traditional Layout

A traditional living room layout usually requires a big room. It has those chairs in a big square with only a single table in the middle, where the space for mobility is forbidden. The news is a disaster for a narrow living room.

Luckily, you can arrange the furniture in such a way where mobility is likely to happen in between. Place a couch and table on one side of the entryway and the other chairs on the other side.

Instead of filling the living room with many furniture. Those arranged wisely decoration makes the living room look better. Such as this picture when to you, you can still play many furniture even in the small space.
Maximize your small living room with a variety of chairs arranged. For example, in this picture shown the main navy sofa combined with two rattan chairs. Then, behind the sofa has cafe chairs set near the windows.
Opt for a narrow space with some chairs adjustment. You can put a couple of chairs in front of the fireplace and the sofa opposite the wall. In addition, on the corner of the space, you can arrange a set of the couch.

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Vintage furniture all around the living room with a traditional layout. Besides the main sofa, you can combine two individual sofas to make an intimate place convo.

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Make the small room wider and bigger look with a traditional layout like this picture shown. The minimalist arrangement of the chairs and some variety provide a wisely decoration, as a result.
Antique furniture doesn’t mean to be an old way to decorate your small space. This a such a way to make the small living room better look with some antique chairs. Moreover, the wall behind the antique sofa plays the decoration perfecly.
Pop of color decoration in this living room makes a bold statement. The vibrant blue sectional couch plays the color in this white color scheme living room. However, the extra wooden chairs next to the sofa provide a traditional layout.

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Gives the apartment living room a traditional layout with a touch of modern material. The elongated couch combined with a couple of individual chairs to makes more seat arrangement.
Some chairs with different size and design can play the decoration as well. You can try this decoration as shown in the image, the living room is arranged wisely with some chairs.

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Create Boundaries Using Rugs

For a small apartment, a living room usually doubles as a dining room—even triple as a home office as well. If that’s the case, mingling those places altogether in a single room can be a pain in the neck. However, you can make it work by using rugs as the boundaries. Use rugs in a spot where you use it as a living room, so you can use the empty spot around it as a dining room and home office.

Smart space by using a single space as a living room as double with a dining room next to the couch. Especially, for the studio apartment, it is perfectly done properly.

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Using a half-block divider to create a living room with a bedroom as a single space. You can play quietly by using a rug in the living room to make a statement on the decoration, as well.
By gives a boundaries such as bookshelf divider between the living room and the bedroom. To make clear also the jute rug underneath the couch gives the statement decoration for living room space.
Take a breath for a small space in the apartment by using a single room for two multi functionalities. The main space is for the living room, and the corner space is given for the bedroom.
Create a large living room with multifunctionality. To establish a large living room with a small home office near the front windows. It’s a perfect way to a small space, obviously.
Open living room concept could be done as double space for the bedroom, as well. Such as shown in the picture, you can create a spacious feels space even in the small apartment. It just creates a boundary by the rug underneath.
Three essences in a single space. Instead of using wisely a small space. That arrangement makes the room look bigger and perfectly done. The living room, the bedroom, and the dining room in one single space. Don’t forget to put a rug underneath the couch to make a boundary.
Use the space wisely especially in the small space. You can create a living room under the hanging bed. Best of all, this can save mode space to make the apartment look spacious, as a result.
In fact, the small space such as the studio apartment gets difficult to arrange something. But, in this case you’ll realize that you can put a single space into three functional.
Bold statement boundaries created in this living room by the rug. Simple yet not too much interfere with the small space. Moreover, you can create a bedroom space next to the couch.

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As long as you can play with furniture, layout, and rugs, any house will look bigger.

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