Are you living a college life or starting a new job in a bigger city away from home and having first experience living in an apartment? Well decorating your own urban space is, of course, exciting and a little scary. You surely want to show your personality without spending too much money. To help you out, check these five important tips for your first apartment décor that are budget-friendly.

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Fill your limited space efficiently with multi-function furnishings. For example, you can purchase a shelf floor lamp to store your stuff and bright up your flat. Or, a duty box wardrobe, that shows standing mirror outside and hidden shelves when you open it. For addition, there are also retractable tables, drop leaf console leaf, and convertible sofa bed.

Use multi-functional furniture in your apartment decor to save space. For example, you can use a fallen leaf console table to save space in your entrance area. This idea is quite easy to do. You can also add potted greens to create a natural and airy room. This is an interesting first apartment decoration for you to try. Leaf console table from home-designing.

Sofa bed is one of the most efficient pieces of furniture to decorate your first apartment. This furniture is also equipped with a blanket and some pillows, so that it makes your space more comfortable and warm in your apartment. You can combine it with dark shades and wooden floors to create an attractive and warm room decor. Multi-purpose furniture from hgtv.

A sofa bed that functions as an additional bed gives the impression of multifunctional furniture. In addition, this sofa does not take up much space so it does not interfere with the main function of each room. You can pull the bottom of the sofa to create a comfortable bed for you to sleep on. Equipped with several pillows and blankets that will present a comfortable and inviting room decoration. Sofa bed from hgtv.

2. DIY Artwork

To personalize your first apartment décor, make your own home decoration. This idea is, of course, will save money but effectively showcase your creativity. You can hang a photo collage in a big frame, flower wall hanging, or colorful wall letters from foam.

Use large frames to attach multiple photo collages as DIY decorations in your apartment. Repaint the frame to make it look cleaner and newer. You can add some of these photo frames to the walls of your apartment for a budget-friendly decorating idea. A decoration like this will create the perfect focal point of the room and will grab people’s attention every time they enter your room. DIY frame collage photos from diys.

Use alphabet letters for DIY decorations in your apartment. These decorations are cheaper and easier to find at craft stores. Use various colors to make it look more attractive. You can make it yourself using foam material, which will make your apartment decoration more attractive and low-budget. Stick it on one of your apartment walls for a stylish room decor idea. Colorful alphabet letters from thelovenerds.

You can hone your creativity by making DIY artwork such as flower wall hangings. Use colorful flowers to make your apartment look more fun. Ideas like this will make it easier for you to create your first unique apartment for you to try. Choosing dried flowers and a large round mirror will make the decoration of the room interesting and unique. Colorful flowers wall from homebnc.

3. Garage Sale

Never underestimate second-handed furniture because you can repurpose them or simply paint them with a different color for a brand new look. Let’s say you saw a rustic nightstand that is affordable. Turn it into something more beautiful with bold or bright color.

Repainting this nightstand in terracotta color will give it a new look and will bring about an interesting decor of the room. With colors like this will give a bright room and will steal the attention of many people. Balance it with matching curtains and blankets that will make the room attractive. This white color scheme and wall decor make for the perfect space. Terracotta nightstand from apartmenttherapy.

The white nuance in the apartment bedroom creates a clean and spacious decor concept. Repaint the wooden furniture on the nightstand to make it look nicer and newer. You can also combine it with a rooted bed frame and wooden floors that will give a warm and comfortable impression when winter arrives. This nightstand is equipped with several ornaments and flowers in a vase to make a stylish room decoration. Repaint wooden furniture from apartmenttherapy.

Take advantage of your old furniture to make things more useful and look new. With this, your room will give the impression of being clean, comfortable and minimalist. You can repaint it with terracotta color to produce an interesting look for you to try. Combined with terracotta on the bed sheets that will produce a stylish look. Repaint nightstand from homebnc.

4. Low-Cost Sofa

Don’t waste too much on the sofa. If you really want to buy a new sofa, then pick something economical and neutral for your apartment. To make it more appealing and comfy, allocate your budget for some throw pillows which are of course more inexpensive.

Buy an economical sofa that only comes with a few pillows. Because the use of expensive furniture will make your finances run low. Involve ideas about the budget for your first apartment. Complete with a faux fur rug and striped black and white to create a cozy and warm room. The blush pink color scheme and framed wall decor make your room more stylish. Small sofa from decorilla.

Don’t throw too much on the couch. If you really want to buy a new sofa, then choose an economical and neutral one for your apartment. To make it more attractive and comfortable, allocate your budget for some pillows which are certainly cheaper. Choosing a sofa that is still good and equipped with several pillows at a low budget will make your apartment decoration more attractive and will save the budget. Low cost sofa from decorilla.

Use a simple chair in the living room of your first apartment and don’t spend too much on buying a sofa because this furniture is quite comfortable to use. Buying a leather sofa at a low price will make your living room more stylish. The blue color scheme is complemented by a sputnik wall lamp and a large gold-framed mirror, giving this apartment a glamorous and elegant impression. Leather sofa from apartmenttherapy.

5. Dreamy Bed

You can be extra careful spending money to fill and beautify your place. However, never hesitate to splurge on a comfortable, versatile, and high-quality mattress. There is nothing more relaxing than laying on your cozy bed after an exhausting day at work. So, investing in a fancy one is definitely worth it.

Even though your bed looks simple, it is equipped with comfortable furniture such as a large bed equipped with several pillows and thick blankets. Make your bedroom the most comfortable and exciting place to relax. This layered carpet gives a warm feeling to your feet. Some greenery and large windows create a natural and fresh space. Bed with pillows and thick blankets from apartmenttherapy.

Create a sense of comfort, beauty and excitement in your bedroom by using a large and comfortable bed. Complete with bright lighting to beautify your apartment decor. A large window on one of these walls will let sunlight into the room. Book storage shelves will also create a neat room and will avoid clutter. Comfortable bed fromapartmenttherapy.

The final idea for you is to buy a bed that is as comfortable as possible and of high quality. Because the bed can be used as a place to rest when you have been active all day. Complete the decor with a large window above your headbord to create a bright room and let the sunlight into the room. Some wooden furniture creates a stylish room. Rattan headboard from apartmenttherapy.

Knowing where to save and where to spend is very important when it comes to first apartment décor. Hopefully, the five easy and important tips above will make your room look more inviting and stylish without spending too much money.

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