So, are you getting bored with your all-granite or all-marble kitchen countertops? No need to worry. There are plenty of other choices available out there, and they are extraordinarily out-of-the-way, especially in their materials and designs. Let’s surf the following inspirations of those creative and fine-looking kitchen worktops. 

1. Kitchen Countertop in Solid Glass

This kind of solid glass countertop is known for its high durability and heat resistance, in which it won’t be easily chipped or cracked. You can be found this material in various and gorgeous ideas such as a solid-colored glass island on top of the solid counter up to a translucent textured glass counter in geometric designs, embedded with more dramatic colored LED lights.

Choosing a glass table to decorate your kitchen is the right choice to make your kitchen look more modern. Just add a more dramatic colored LED light to make it look stunning. Some high chairs also give a comfortable impression when you are in the kitchen. Ideas like this one with glass kitchen islands and wooden cabinets create an elegant space. Glass and LED Countertops from decoist.

Kitchen decorations with glass countertops look more attractive and simple. Adding LED lights will beautify your kitchen decor so it looks more attractive. Choosing a decoration like this will give your kitchen an elegant look. Combined with this wooden cabinet creates the perfect look. Glass countertops from decoist.

Solid glass countertops will make your kitchen look more luxurious. Add a blue LED light to make it look more beautiful. Combined with this wooden cabinet will create the perfect contrast. This silver handle will add a touch of glamor to your kitchen decor. Solid glass countertops from decoist.

2. Kitchen Countertop in Butcher Blocks

Instead of highly laminated kitchen countertops, the butcherblock worktops offer a raw and natural look to the whole interior decor of your cooking space. It can be recycled or reclaimed wood. Still, you may combine it with the crisp of other contemporary units.

Decorating the kitchen with a countertop butcher block will give a natural touch to your kitchen so that it looks simple and attractive. Butcher block countertops offer a natural, raw look to your entire cooking space interior décor. This French-style kitchen is equipped with a white color scheme and wooden floors that will create a warm and airy impression of the kitchen. Natural butcher block countertops from homedit.

To get an attractive natural look in your kitchen using a butcher block countertop is a perfect idea so that it will look simple and still attractive. Combined with this white cabinet creates the perfect contrast in your kitchen decor. In this rustic kitchen, using wood materials will create a warm and comfortable room. Wooden butcher block countertop from homedit.

Choosing a butcher block countertop for your kitchen decor will give it a classic touch that provides warmth for a more comfortable feel. In addition, using this wood material will be easy to clean and last longer. Combined with the classic style of this kitchen island cabinet, it will give an elegant and attractive look. Butcher block countertop from homedit.

3. Kitchen Countertop in Coins

The insanely unusual kitchen solid worktop is simply constructed of countless gilded pennies arranged side by side all over the surface and then covered with a transparent glass top. Those cent coins totally look polished and lustrous.

Making a table out of gold coins is a creative way to make your kitchen look more attractive. Just cover it with transparent glass on top so it will look perfect. With this kind of decoration, your kitchen decor will look more elegant and stylish. The penny really looks smooth and shiny. Coin countertops from baltimoremagazine.

Having a table made of gold coins will make your kitchen look more creative and different from the others. Don’t forget to coat it with transparent glass to make it look better. Combined with the sink will provide a functional table. Gold coins countertop from makezine.

The kitchen decoration looks attractive with a container made of gold coins covered in transparent glass. You can polish a penny before covering it with transparent glass to make it look even shinier. Using this wooden border divider will make a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Gold coins and transparent glass countertop from domesticimperfection.

4. Kitchen Countertop in Concrete

Give a robust yet stylishly fresh look to your cooking interior decor with the presence of a greyish concrete kitchen tabletop. This material offers many design possibilities due to its thickness, size, color, and many more. Concrete can be a great alternative to marbles or granite worktops.

To give a fresh feel to your kitchen interior decoration using a concrete countertop will not fail. Thicker concrete countertops can last longer so you can save on your renovation costs. In addition to using a concrete countertop, it will be easy to clean. Concrete can be a great alternative to marble or granite countertops. Concrete countertop from onekindesign.

Countertop concrete with gray to gray colors will give a fresh natural feel in your kitchen so that it looks more simple and comfortable. This material offers many design possibilities due to thickness, size, color, and more. Decorations like this will make your home look more elegant. Combined with a light color cabinet will create a stylish room. Countertop concrete and bright cabinet from onekindesign.

If you want to save on the cost of remodeling your kitchen, using a concrete countertop is the right choice. Because concrete countertops that have a thick size and hard texture will last longer. Using this concrete material will be easy to clean and will be the main attraction in your kitchen decoration. Remodeling kitchen with concrete countertop from onekindesign.

5. Kitchen Countertop in Mosaic Tiles

Tiles in mosaic for kitchen countertops be different from only-tile design. With the right clean and uniform cuts, as well as color mixing and matching, mosaic tiles are going to make the unequaled addition to your kitchen ever. Neutral hues mosaic tiles create a more modern look, while vibrant colored ones tend to be more vintage in feel.

A round table made of mosaic tiles will beautify your kitchen decor so that it looks more creative and extraordinary. Having a variety of light colors will make your kitchen decor look more attractive. Combined with a matching color backsplash will make your room more stylish and steal the attention of many people. Colorful mosaic countertop from handmadebase.

Mosaic tiles to design your kitchen table with the right cut look very perfect. Using neutral color mosaic tiles will make your kitchen look more modern. This idea will provide the perfect kitchen focal point and will steal the attention of many. Blue mosaic tiles countertop from homedit.

Mosaic tile countertop will be an unparalleled addition to your outdoor kitchen making it look amazing. Choosing countertops with muted colors will give the perfect calm feel in your kitchen. Neutral colored mosaic tiles create a more modern look. Mosaic tile countertop from homedit.

Having other brilliant ideas to jazz up your kitchen countertops in functional and decorative ways that your neighbors will talk about it?

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