We bet you have heard the term terrarium since most interior designers talk about it lately. They agree that a terrarium is one of the perfect ways to bring in natural touch to any room in a house like a living room, home office, kitchen, bedroom, even bathroom. Are you interested in it too? Let’s try to make it! Don’t worry, these ideas on five simple DIY terrariums will help you to start!

1. DIY Lightbulb Terrarium

Let’s light your house with some lightbulb terrariums. They are easy to make. You are ready to start as long as you have the bulbs, scissors, chopsticks, flathead screwdrivers, goggles, and needle-nose pliers with you.

Hey, don’t forget the plant, moss, and plant!

Reuse the lightbulb that can no longer be used as a mini terrarium container that you can fill with moss and succulents. Here you can put the terrarium lightbulb in a small pot made of clay so that it doesn’t easily roll onto the floor causing chaos because it breaks. When finished you can put it in an area of ​​the room that is often visited by people as an amazing decoration. Lightbulb terrarium in a clay pot from balconygardenweb.

After you remove all the electricity in the lightbulb, then you can decorate it with various selected items such as sand, succulents, and fresh green moss. All these combinations of materials make the appearance more optimal and of course a cheap and easy DIY decoration to make with your family or friends. This DIY terrarium craft from a light bulb is perfect for room decoration. DIY lightbulb terrarium from balconygardenweb.

2. DIY Glass Terrarium

A glass cup terrarium might be the easiest DIY to do since everyone must have a glass cup at home. Transform it into a terrarium would be a great idea. All you need are the transparent cup, gravel, dirt, moss, twig, and a little plant. Once you’ve done making it, you can place it on any table you love.

However, you need to make sure that you water it regularly to keep it fresh all the time.

You can use the transparent glass in the kitchen as a unique small terrarium container. You can use this glass as a container for succulent plants that have several different types. Perform routine maintenance for succulents that stay fresh throughout the day, use sand and soil as a mix of planting media that can blend perfectly. Transparent glass terrarium from icreativeideas.

Use some of the glass you have as an inexpensive DIY terrarium idea. Here you can use sand and white stone as a planting medium that makes the surface of the glass look cleaner when flushed with water. Succulent being one of the best choices you can do, place this terrarium on the coffee table as a decoration that you can enjoy throughout the day. DIY glass succulent terrarium from decoist.

3. DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason jar could be one of the most things used in the DIY process, e.g., candle holder, item organizer, photo frame, planter, yarn dispenser, and bird feeder. Now, it is the time for DIY mason jar terrarium.

With various sizes of a mason jar it will be easy for you to match it to any succulents you love.

Choose and use glass apothecary jars as a terrarium container that is more unique and attracts attention. To add a beach feel to this terrarium, you can apply several different types of shells as additional accents that can be obtained easily. Incorporating greenery is a perfect choice that you can easily take advantage of. Glass apothecary jars with beach nuances from icreativeideas.

Take advantage of the mason jar you have as a DIY terrarium succulent that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Also, apply soil and green moss as the right planting medium and do not damage the atmosphere of the terrarium. Choose and use a mason jar with a clear and transparent surface so that it can be seen from the outside. DIY mason jar terrarium from thespruce.

4. DIY Glass Container Terrarium

A terrarium isn’t necessarily from something old or unused only. Utilizing your daily glass container is also a good idea. They will, of course, result in gorgeous ones. This project requires a clear glass container, charcoal, stones, plants, and potting soil.

If you have a transparent glass container that is large enough, then you can use it as a terrarium idea with a clean white beach theme. Some corals are perfect accents that you can apply in this container, don’t forget to use white sand as a beautiful complement. You can put this terrarium in the table area that is often visited by your guests. Transparent glass container terrarium from icreativeideas.

5. DIY Fish Bowl Terrarium

Do you have an unused fishbowl at home? Then, give it a new life. With a medium size of fishbowl, you’ll be able to make a more sophisticated terrarium for your coffee and dining table. Everyone will certainly enjoy the fresh green view offered by the plants and succulents inside it.

Add butterfly items in the fishbowl terrarium as a bold decoration that has a brighter color. Green plants, stones, and gravel are the perfect combination that you can apply in the terrarium. You can include several different types of plants for a more colorful scene. Try this terrarium idea easily. Fishbowl terrarium with butterfly items from icreativeideas.

If you have more DIY fish bowl terrariums, then you can put them in the window area which can be used as a windowsill decoration. This fishbowl terrarium is filled with several different types of succulents, performs regular maintenance to produce a fresh appearance, and of course more fertile. Soil and stone are a combination of planting media that you can get in your backyard garden decoration. DIY fishbowl terrarium as windowsill decoration from icreativeideas.

Soil and colorful stones are terrarium planting media that you can try to display a fishbowl terrarium design that is more eye-catching. You can use succulents as green plants because these plants will grow easily in any weather indoors. Yellow flowers are a perfect decoration that you can apply at the same time. Colorful fishbowl terrarium from decoist.

What do you think? Are those DIY terrariums easy to follow?

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