RV (Recreational Vehicles) have been getting more popular in the past ten years. From holiday purpose to permanent living, RV has been a unique lifestyle that captivates many. The challenges for numerous adventurous road trips are exciting and traveling in a mobile home is a luxury. Nevertheless, interiors of RV are often old-fashioned and need to be renewed. So, here are three RV makeover designs for family holidays.

1. Looking Glam with Marble Contact Paper

RV interior tends to look dull and outdated, so it is time for an RV makeover. New treatments to the windows, new types of lighting, new furniture, wallpaper, as well as marble contact paper are all it takes to change an RV look. All with a touch of white and light pink. The colors can make the RV interior looks more bright and spacious–great for family holidays!

Using white wallpaper on the walls and built-in cabinet can add a neat ambiance to everything. Also, add “timber” flooring paper to add warmth and coziness to the whole interior. The star of this RV makeover design is the marble contact paper that you can put on the kitchen countertops, backsplash, and bathroom to get glamour look. It is an efficient way to replace more expensive marble tiles.

Installing a marble cooking table in an RV will create a luxurious yet interesting atmosphere for you to try. Pair it with white cabinets with gold handles for a perfect look and look more elegant. This white penny tile backspalsh completes the look and makes your kitchen look cleaner and more elegant. Marble cooking table RV from thediymommy.

The decorating idea featured on this RV is the presence of a marble countertop in your kitchen. With this feature will produce a luxurious atmosphere in your RV. Combined with the oak cabinet will provide the perfect contrast. In addition to the kitchen table, you can also apply marble to your dining table for a luxurious and classic look. Marble countertop kitchen RV from truckcampermagazine.

You can try the RV Camper design by adding a marble sink to produce the perfect look. Combine with some other ornaments to get a luxurious look. Combined with this black cabinet will provide the perfect contrast. The subway tiles on the backsplah and patterned floor tiles bring an attractive look to the room and attract the attention of many people. RV bathroom with marble sink from trendey.

Applying a marble sink will add a glamorous impression to your RV bathroom décor. Pair it with a gold faucet and a large round mirror to complete the décor. This geometric wallpaper and gray cabinet make a cozy room look more modern. This wall towel storage makes your appearance more stylish and creates a neat room. Marble sink RV bathroom from trendey.

2. Homey Farmhouse Ambience

An RV that suits a family holiday perfectly is the one that has a homey feel. One of many RV makeover designs that can result in a homey feel is farmhouse design that features rustic white timber wallpaper, and furniture predominated with brown colors, white cabinets, “wooden” flooring paper, and the unique burlap sacks for the window drapery.

For the bathroom walls, sometimes you have to deal with some problems, like water leaking. Therefore, you can always replace a wall that has a problem with a corrugated-metal wall that may also add a countryside ambiance to it.

To create a cozy atmosphere you can use a farmhouse feel in your RV. Applying zinc walls with farmgouse-style ornaments makes the perfect room design so that it will create a warm atmosphere. This metal storage basket gives the perfect rustic look. Using corrugated metal walls can also add to the rustic atmosphere. Zinc walls bathroom decor from rvinspiration.

The simple idea of decorating an RV by adding a farmhouse feel is an interesting idea for you to try. Apply wooden walls and wooden wall ornaments with white shades for a stylish look. Combined with this beige color scheme, it will create a warm and inviting room. This small window above the bed completes the look of your RV. Wooden walls and wall ornaments from rvinspiration.

You can apply a farmhouse atmosphere to your RV. Use wooden floors, carpets, and some other ornaments to complete the decor. You can also try wooden furniture to present an attractive room and give your room a rustic impression. You can also try some wall hangings for an attractive and eye-catching room design. Wooden floors and carpets from rvinspiration.

Another way to decorate your RV by adopting a farmhouse atmosphere is a good idea to try. Use a wooden headboard and some wooden furniture for a warm feel when winter arrives. You can use this ceiling light to add a dramatic and inviting touch to a room. Wooden headboard bedroom RV decor from rvinspiration.

Implementing a farmhouse atmosphere in your RV is the perfect idea for you to try. With furniture that is dominated by wood, it will warm you at night. Applying this to wood floors and walls creates a stylish and attractive RV for you to try. Using this white sliding barn door creates an eye-catching look. Wooden floor and wall RV from rvinspiration.

3. Festive 4th-of-July Inspired Design

As one the most waited festive holidays in the USA, 4th of July, can also inspire you in remodeling your RV. Red, blue, and white are the main colors that play a big part in this RV makeover design. You may as well add nautical accessories anywhere in the interior or exterior of your RV to add more fun feel to it.

Decorating the RV to celebrate the 4th of July in the USA, you can paint it red, blue and white, it’s perfect to use in your RV car. Add some other ornaments to complete your RV decor. These blue red and white lanterns make the RV look stunning and catch the attention of many. Exterior RV to celebrate the 4th of July from countryliving.

Try using the 4th of July event to get your RV remodel idea right for a festive look. You can apply it to your RV interior design. Incorporating blue, red and white for the main décor can make your RV look festive and make your holiday more enjoyable. Adding a garland to the American flag creates an attractive appearance and grabs people’s attention. Blue, red and white RV interior design from countryliving.

Hang an American flag banner on your RV awning. Adding a sitting area equipped with American flag-patterned pillows will create a comfortable and inviting impression. Combined with the white RV exterior scheme will produce an attractive appearance and add a more pleasant feel. American flag banner on RV awning from glamperlife.

Stick these free, printable 4th of July photo props on your picnic table for family and visitors to snap silly photos. Using this American flag decoration will also enliven your festival. Sticking the American flag on this RV will make an interesting display for you to try. This red tablecloth makes your festival look more lively. Red tablecloth RV exsterior from glamperlife.

Decorating your RV with the 4th of July festival accent you can add an American flag that you can hang on your RV. This decor will add a nautical accessory anywhere on the exterior of your RV. Don’t forget to add string lights and an american flag garland for a stunning decor touch. American flag on RV from inntowncampground.

This RV decor with a touch of blue, red and white will create a 4th of July festival in your RV bathroom. This design will steal the attention of many people because this unique design will create an attractive and stylish appearance. Adding an anchor painting to this white wall gives it a stunning look. 4th of July festival in RV bathroom from mobilehomeliving.

So, which RV makeover design that suits your needs? Get one and have a great family holiday with your RV.

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