Bathroom plays a pivotal part in your household. No matter how small your bathroom is, it has to include the essentials such as a sink and faucet, shower or bathing area, and toilet.

With those basics shoveled inside, how can you make it work? Can you still adorn your small bathroom to make it pretty and comfy? Below are some designs of small bathroom that you can try to your home.

1. Shower and Tub

While most people opt for including a bathtub for utmost bathing experience and some added values, some prefer walk-in shower as they think it is more practical and suit their hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, having either a bathtub or walk-in shower or both is still possible even if you only have a small bathroom.

If you build a shower area, a petite tub can still be put in a cramped enclosure between that area and the door. Important note for the shower area, choose a frameless clear glass shower door as it feels more open and spacious.

If you have a narrow bathroom, installing a bathtub in the shower cubicle is an interesting idea to make it look perfect. Choosing this glass door will make the room wider and look more spacious. Small walk-in shower with freestanding roll-top bathtub with vintage-style handheld toiletries with gray marble tile walls accented with quatrefoil. The touch of this copper faucet gives it an elegant look. Walk-in shower an bathtub from decorpad.

If you build a shower area, you can add a small bathtub to make it look more practical and suitable for decorating your small bathroom. Using this glass door gives the illusion of a wide and airy space. choosing a all-white color scheme will create a clean room and still look more spacious. All-white color scheme walk-in shower from decorpad.

Decorating your small bathroom with shower cubicle and bathtub in it will never fail. Choose a transparent glass door to make your bathroom seem more spacious. This navy and white color scheme will make the room look bright and fresh. Using this navy antique-style bathtub gives a vintage look and will become an attractive focal point of the room. The large windows in this bathroom provide a bright room and let the sunlight into the room. Shower room and bathtub from hgtv.

2. Compact Toilet and Rounded Vanity

There are a wide variety of compact toilets available in the market. They can still be functional despite their relatively smaller size than the normal ones. They allow more space to place a sink.

To save some more extra space, you can choose the wall-hung toilet instead. Plus, you can install a shelving unit on top of the toilet. If you insist on shoveling a vanity, you can make use of the corner of the room by having its edge rounded.

If you have a small bathroom, you should use the space carefully. Use a wall toilet and add storage shelves above it to keep the small space looking effective. This will save space in your bathroom and will create a neat and uncluttered room. Opting for subway tiles on the walls and patterned tiles on the floor gives a sophisticated look to your small bathroom décor. Wall toilet and storage shelves from apartmenttherapy.

Choosing a small circular sink and placing it in the corner of this small bathroom will save space when making use of your bathroom corner. Combined with a wooden shelf next to the sink, it will make it easier for you to store various toiletries and will not make your room cluttered. Adding a hanging plant in this pot brings fresh air into your room. Small circular sink from apartmenttherapy.

Adding a storage shelf above the toilet is one way to save space in your small bathroom so it looks more effective. Choosing this wall tile will maximize the space and not make your bathroom cramped. They also allow you to completely reconfigure your bathroom. These natural stone walls and floors add a natural touch to this small bathroom. Storage shelf above the toilet from homedit.

To use the space in your bathroom effectively, building a circular sink and wall toilet is the perfect idea. You can maximize your bathroom space so that the room looks more spacious and airy. This decoration will save more space and give it a more stylish look. Adding a wood accent to this wall also adds a natural touch to your bathroom. Circular sink and wall toilet from homedit.

Don’t worry if you only have a small bathroom. You can place a cabinet right next to your toilet and a wall shelf above your toilet so that you will have enough storage space in your small bathroom. Choosing this wall toilet will make your bathroom look wider. Next to the toilet you can add a small floating sink to complete your bathroom decor. Toilet wall and shelf from homedit.

3. Same Tone or Bright and Bold

To make your small bathroom look bigger, use the same tone or color. For example, don’t use white for the color of your ceiling and dark for the color of the tiles as this will visually create a chopped-up space, hence making it smaller than it is.

Alternatively, you can use bold colors, patterns and artworks. In a large room, patterns and artworks may be overwhelming, but they work for small rooms. They spice up and brighten up space.

A small bathroom with a bold feel will add its own charm to your bathroom and make it look more spacious and attractive. Adding some colorful framed paintings adds an interesting look for you to try. This kind of decoration will steal the attention of many people and will make a perfect display for your small bathroom. Small bathroom with bold wall and artwork from diynetwork.

Combining bold color walls and patterned floors to decorate your tiny bathroom will make your décor look stunning. In addition, wood carving artwork in the form of animal heads and horns is also added to make this display interesting for you to try. This black and white framed painting makes your room look more stylish and will work well to complete the look of the room. Blue small bathroom decor from diynetwork.

Those are some small bathroom design ideas. Do you find them useful? Please let us know what you think.

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