Since tropical style is identical with bright and airy nuances, it’s important to keep the atmosphere cool, light, and airy. With that being said, you don’t want to put too many furniture in one place. So, what is the best way to highlight a tropical home without overdoing it? Check out these cool ideas of wooden furniture!

1Tropical Wood

Think of exotic woods like rosewood, teak, and mahogany. The raw finish of these materials on any furniture is a reminder of the warm wind rustling through the palm trees outside your window. To bring that warmth of tropical islands into the room, choose wooden furniture designed with Caribbean-inspired styles.

Tropical woods are not only great for indoor but outdoor as well. So, don’t hesitate to have some teak chairs or mahogany set at your wooden patio furniture.

Do you have an outdoor decor with a larger floor area? If so, then you can try using it as a tropical patio decoration idea that is equipped with some outdoor furniture made of mahogany wood. For a more natural look then you don’t need to paint and re-polish it, let this furniture work well for the naturalness that can be obtained. Outdoor furniture made of mahogany from digsdigs.

Take advantage of your outdoor area as an outdoor dining room decoration idea that is perfected with a dining table set made of teak wood. The advantage of using this material is that it is very sturdy and not easily porous, besides that teak wood also has a smoother and softer surface so it is very comfortable to use with your family or friends. Its glossy appearance makes this outdoor furniture look cleaner. Teak wood dining table set from digsdigs.

To perfect the decoration of your tropical dining room, you can support it with the use of natural furniture that is applied through the use of tables and chairs that are used simultaneously. The hardwood dining table that is used will look more beautiful when you place a large enough green plant in a transparent glass vase filled with clean water. Hardwood dining table from homebnc.

The next furniture idea that you can try in a tropical-style room is a sofa and table chair set made of rosewood which has a shiny surface when exposed to the light that shines on it. The use of rosewood furniture sets in decorating the living room is the best choice because it minimizes you from changing furniture in a short period of time because it is porous or moldy. Apply indoor green plants on the wall or floor area as a fresh decoration idea. Sofa set rosewood material from homebnc.

2Weaving Textures

Woven furniture made of rattan, bamboo, and pandanus add texture and charms. It’s not surprising to see these weaving materials in more traditional designs of a tropical home. Weaving textures come in a lot of options: chairs, rugs, baskets, and even wall coverings. Experiment with choosing wooden furniture with weaving textures and lit up the tropical warmth in the room.

The woven lounge chair placed in this patio decoration becomes a comfortable area to use to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. You can combine it with natural wood tables and sofas as an impression of a room that is more on budget and of course very much in demand by many people. A layer of rug with a splash of earth tone color becomes a warm footwear and gives an elegant impression. Weaving lounge chair from digsdigs.

Not only on the terrace or indoors, but you can also create a tropical style in your balcony decoration. The first step that you can try is the use of weaving furniture starting from chairs, small tables and swings which are covered with soft and soft pillows and faux fur fabrics. A green pillowcase with a leaf pattern can be placed on the chair as an accent that emphasizes your tropical style this year. Perform regular maintenance on some of your green plants so that they can thrive. Weaving balcony furniture from digsdigs.

This weaving coffee table with a square shape is one of the living room furniture ideas that is suitable for tropical room styles. This table will be more sturdy because it is equipped with iron legs that are not easily porous and of course have a harder material. Decorate this DIY weaving coffee table with a tray filled with ceramic vases and fresh looking indoor greenery. DIY weaving coffee table from homebnc.

3Bamboo Chairs

Simple bamboo chairs will make a perfect wooden outdoor furniture. Pair them with a matching coffee table, and you’ll have a flawless patio at your tropical home. However, be sure that your patio has proper protection since bamboo is not so resistant to weather. While bamboo is more durable than oak, damp is its number one enemy. Still, having wooden furniture made of bamboo is a simple way to bring the tropical vibe.

The more bamboo swings you install in the backyard area, the more relaxing areas you can use with your friends. Two bamboo swings equipped with a small table are a very appropriate combination of outdoor furniture and of course save floor area to be more effective and efficient. Pillows become a seat layer that is very easy to get. Hanging bamboo swing from stylesatlife.

The terrace decoration equipped with tropical furniture is an area where you can relax more relaxed. This rocking chair with a splash of natural color will work well when combined with an animal pattern rug that has a splash of matching color. Relax comfortably and relax on the weekends to entertain yourself after tired of doing office tasks. Bamboo rocking chair from stylesatlife.

All outdoor furniture made of bamboo is a smart idea that you can apply because this material is more sturdy and strong against all weather changes outdoors. Now you can cover wood floors with bohemian rugs that work well together when paired with tropical styles that are popular this year. This outdoor decoration is as much as possible to serve as a comfortable area to relax. Outdoor bamboo furniture from digsdigs.

In general, you can’t go wrong with choosing wooden furniture for a tropical home, as long as you keep the cool, light, and airy atmosphere. But these 3 wooden furniture choices will easily highlight the tropical look!

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