Create a new mood for this warmer weather to your home living by splashing some earthy tones to your living room. This fresh, natural color palettes will turn your cozy living room into a more calming and charming space to spend your me-time or more get-together moments with your loved ones. 

1. Return to Beige

One of the neutral tones that is everyone’s favorite, beige is great for a minimalist expression to your lovely living room. Not only generating a warm effect, but walls painted in subtle hued beige will offer an exquisite, posh look as well.

Bring out the feel of a calm and warm living room with the use of beige living room nuances. This color is easier to mix with other interior colors in neutral or bold colors, but it’s a good idea to use neutral colors to make it blend more perfectly. The wooden furniture that is applied to the coffee table is a natural blend and of course more environmentally friendly. Beige living room with wooden coffee table from homebnc.

Beige is one of the neutral color choices that is very suitable to be applied to your modern living room decor, you can sprinkle this color on the wall paint, sofa and plain rugs. The greenery placed on this side table and plywood wood coffee table adds a fresh, natural color and does not match any style of your room. Don’t forget to use transparent glass windows as a bright light source. Beige living room accented with green plants from homebnc.

2. Opt for Blue

If you want not only the comfy but also the clean and neat look to your living room, the soothing blue color can be the perfect stunning option. With its wide array of captivating shades, it’s a perfect pair for cream or brown, as well as with wooden flooring.

Start decorating your modern living room with a dark blue wall paint that looks luxurious and unusual. Furthermore, you can use a velvet sofa with a matching color as a comfortable place to sit because it has a softer and warmer surface. The hexagon mirror which is used as a wall decoration makes your living room look wider because it reflects sunlight into the room as a whole. Modern blue dark living room from homedit.

Blue with white is a blend of colors that can work well in your contemporary living room décor. The ceiling, which is equipped with carvings, is a vintage decoration that never goes out of style, you can use two face paintings with gold frames to enhance the appearance of your blue walls. A fireplace with a white list on the outer surface becomes a heating accent that you can use when the weather in the room starts to feel cold. The combination of blue and white in this contemporary living room from homedit.

3. Go for Green

Bring the freshness of nature to your cozy livingroom with the splashes of green. This color creates a relaxing effect that will lead to a harmonious renewal of your space.  

You can easily get a new look in living room decorations, namely by repainting the walls with a fresh green color. This green paint looks so cute when combined with a light gray interior, you can try it in your living room decor right now with ease. Glass windows provide natural lighting that maximizes sunlight into the room. Paint the walls green with gray furniture from realhomes.

The feel of the living room with a splash of green will look more alive when enhanced by the presence of an indoor plant that has a variety of different types. One part of the green wall paint and a linen sofa that has a matching color can be tried by applying a patterned carpet with a more neutral color such as gray. The palm tree is placed in the corner of the room to present a tropical style that is suitable if it is equipped with transparent glass windows. The feel of a green living room with decorative indoor plants from realhomes.

4. Get to Gray

This elegant and tranquil color is a nice one for those who pursue sophisticated modern to welcoming vintage interior decor ideas. Not only creating roomier visual aspect to your living room, but gray will also provide a pleasant background for your wall artistic accents.

Trying out contemporary gray living room shades will never fail and you can try your best for the perfect final result. The colorful tufted coffee table is the right mix that you can try, you can also use the gray sofa with the tufted back as a more comfortable and warmer sitting area. The patterned carpet becomes elegant footwear and matches the feel of your current living room. Contemporary living room with shades of gray color from elledecor.

5. Pop of Citrus 

Get a brighter and livelier space by pairing the neutrals with this soft lemony yellow hues to your wall paints. This citrus shade also matches perfectly with lime splashes. Add this shade of citrus to other furnishings and details.

Present a bright, cheerful and fun living room decor. High citrus curtains, light blue tufted chairs and patterned carpets with a combination of black and white make your living room a bolder color and not easily boring. Open your curtains during the day to bring sunlight into the room to its full potential. A sofa with two different materials and colors is also a perfect accent that can be used simultaneously. High citrus curtains with colorful furniture from hgtv.

6. Splash of Orange

Enliven your living room with this cheerful spring-summer color of vibrantly fresh, juicy orange. This color can be applied as wallpaper and can be mix and matched with other palettes like green, tangy yellow, or even deep blue to subtle gray. 

The minimalist living room will look more unique and different when using an unusual color like orange. You can apply the orange color to the two chairs in this living room decoration, then cover all the furniture legs with a classic rug that has a matching color. The white color on the sofa, table lamps and walls is a combination of colors that neutralizes the feel of this living room so that it looks more beautiful and elegant. Minimalist living room with orange chairs from hgtv.

7. Finish of Brown

Compliment your neutral-toned interior with the additional brown finishes to your furniture, antiques or other living room accessories. From lighter to darker shades of brown will create such an unpretentious, serene space.

Brown is one of the warm colors that you can apply in your living room decor. If your walls are already using dark brown, then for furniture ideas such as sofas you can use light brown as a color combination that will work well and perfectly. Don’t forget to add a painting with a larger size to decorate your plain wall so that it looks more artistic. Dark brown walls with light brown furniture from housely.

Following your taste and preferences, which natural-toned splash will you bring to your cozy living room?

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