When planning to implement a minimalist home décor idea for a living room, the first thing that usually comes into mind is the question of “how to go minimal”. If you read interior design blogs, you’ll find that cutting down the clutter, sticking to neutral colors, playing up texture, embracing white space, and bringing in nature are the ways to achieve the goal. However, it is somewhat puzzling for a newbie.

Well, do you need more practical advice? Read on!

Opt for White—The Best Color Option Ever

Minimalism is mainly about pursuing tranquility and simplicity. Then, what color represents it well? It must be white. Therefore, having an all-white living room will be the smartest step to start.

So, it is time to have a white wall, rug, sofa, and coffee table for your living room. Once you’ve done it, you’ll get the perfect spot for discussion and debate.

The living room decoration, which is dominated by white, displays a room that looks cleaner, wider, and seems neutral. Put a little wood accent into the fireplace as an additional color that has an earth tone color theme. Also, put a bunch of flowers on the coffee table as a decoration as well as a beautiful focal point of the room, and of course, it will produce a fragrant aroma when you are in this room. White living room decoration with flower decoration from mydomaine.

If your walls, window frames, and sofas are already white, then another color you can use is black and a little wood accent on the extra chairs in this minimalist living room decor. The black color that you can use is on the coffee table and side table in the corner of the room. The combination of these two colors presents a monochromatic theme that never goes out of style. Incorporate a little greenery into the living room for an added, fresh accent. White and black minimalist living room from mydomaine.

White is always the color of choice for a minimalist living room decoration because it makes it easier for you to enter several interiors with different colors. But for now, you can use wall paint and some living room furniture with white color as a room display that seems neutral. Brown chairs with black iron legs are an additional color that does not damage the color tone of this room. White living room with brown chairs from mydomaine.

Find Smart Storage Solutions to Declutter Space

Another key to minimalism is clutter-free space. Thus, you need to stay organized. One of the ways to create it is by providing smart storage or using double-duty furnishings. For instance, floating shelves over the doors, corner shelves, nesting coffee tables, roomy sideboards, or storage ottomans.

Minimalist living room decoration will certainly leave a lot of floor space so you have to be smart in choosing the furniture that is used. This ottoman with a seamless herringbone pattern is a multifunctional seating option because it is equipped with storage underneath. When going to do storage, you simply lift the top surface of this ottoman upwards. In addition, this ottoman is also a striking piece of furniture. Herringbone seamless ottoman with storage from digsdigs.

The nesting table, which is placed next to the sofa, has a wider surface so that it can be used as a storage area for decorations such as flower vases. Not only vases, but you can also put table lamps and aromatherapy candles to relax your body while in this room. In addition, the material used for this table is also very sturdy because it uses a combination of iron and marble. Nesting table beside the sofa from digsdigs.

Floating wooden shelves installed in the corner of the living room will make your walls more useful and certainly more effective. You can repaint this shelf using the same color as that used on the wall area for a more minimalist and elegant look. This shelf can be used to put some ornaments or decorations such as painting frames and some small plant vases. Corner floating wooden shelf from digsdigs.

Incorporate Plant, Especially the Low-Maintenance Ones

When it comes to minimalist trends, the living room is an excellent place to showcase your favorite succulent or cacti. Their rich green color or another soft hue can significantly liven up minimalist home décor.

Grow them in an impressive planter. Then, place them on the coffee table, windowsill, mantel, side table, or sideboard.

Some of the green plants placed in this living room are decorative options that make the room feel fresher. You can use several different pot sizes according to the size of the plant that will be applied to your pot. Several small pots placed on the windowsill are easy windowsill decorations and of course have a low budget because you can simply move your backyard garden plants. Green plants as decoration windowsill from apartmenttherapy.

Complete your minimalist living room decor with water plants placed in a large enough transparent glass vase. Then you can put this plant right on the coffee table as a decoration as well as a beautiful and fresh view. Water planting media does not cause your plant vase to not get dirty easily. Water plants on the coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

Let the Sunlight in as Much as Possible—It’s to Keep the Room Warm

Warm and cozy are two important features of a minimalist living room. To keep the room pleasantly warm, you need to let in as much natural light as possible. Thus, bare windows are the best choice.

However, if privacy becomes an issue for you, consider having the thinnest curtain or even install a frosted glass window.

Minimalist living room decoration will look more perfect when it has bright lighting, therefore you can take advantage of the wall area that is converted into a seamless glass window that has a wider surface. You can use black iron window frames so that they are not easily porous when used for a long period of time. With this window, your living room decoration looks brighter without lights during the day. Seamless wall windows from apartmenttherapy.

This transparent glass window from the floor to the ceiling is a source of sunlight that can enter the room to the maximum. With this window, your living room no longer needs light during the day. Use a window frame with a splash of paint in the same color as your current living room wall. Do regular maintenance to clean your glass windows so they don’t get blurry or look dusty. Floor to ceiling glass window from apartmenttherapy.

What we have discussed above are the fundamental ideas of minimalist home décor. They are easy to apply.

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