A living room is the heart of a house because most of the family member’s activities are done there. They share each other stories, watch movies, and sometimes just chill there together.

The room plays a vital role because a family is bonded there. Thus, it’s surely important to make it comfortable by making it warm. Here are some ways to warm your living room.

1. Spread out a carpet

Letting your bare foot touch the ground will directly transfer the heat from your body to the ground. That heat transfer results in less heat on your body. That way, every member of the family would feel cold.

Therefore, you can cover the ground with a carpet. Spreading a carpet will block the heat transfer and decreases its rate so everyone will feel warm. Another tip is to get a thick one; the thicker the carpet is, the warmer the room is.

Complete your living room with a carpet that will warm everyone who is there. Use a rug with a vintage motif to make it feel more harmonious with your living room which has this classic vibe. You can place a large rug under the coffee table surrounded by sofas and linen chairs and a few more throw pillows. This carpet covers the marble floor to be warmer. Vintage carpet from homestratosphere.

If you have a large living room, you can also use a faux fur rug so that the warmth that is created is maximized. This faux fur rug can be applied to both contemporary and modern living rooms. You can also use a long wooden bench to add to the exotic style of your living room, besides that the wooden floor is a maximum accent addition to the heating. Faux fur carpet covering the wooden floor from homestratosphere.

You can also install a rug in a minimalist living room with a round coffee table on top. The carpet will prevent your feet from touching directly on the floor of the room, making it warmer when chatting with family and relatives. A faux fur rug with a neutral color is the right choice because, in addition to warming the carpet, it is also used to beautify the room decor. This carpet has a smoother surface so it is comfortable to use throughout the winter. Neutral color faux fur carpet from homestratosphere.

Faux fur rugs are also suitable to be applied to modern living rooms because they will make your living room look more luxurious and elegant. Using a carpet in the living room will certainly make the atmosphere in the room feel more comfortable because of the warmth obtained from this faux fur rug. The tufted sofa is the main piece of furniture that makes the living room look more perfect. Elegant faux fur carpet from homestratosphere.

2. Set a fireplace

If you plan to build a house, plan to have a fireplace in your living room. It does a lot on warming the heart of your house, the living room.

Now you might be worried because you don’t have it in your living room, and to build one means to strip back the house construction. Worry not! There’s a mobile one letting you set on and off it whenever you want.

No need to be afraid to place a fireplace in a small living room in your home. Try to make a built-in fireplace so it doesn’t take up too much space, so the living room will look more spacious and tidy. Use natural stone to coat the walls where you have installed a fireplace, so the natural atmosphere will be more pronounced. Built-in fireplace from homestratosphere.

To warm a minimalist living room in your home, it is perfect if you use a masculine fireplace with a splash of jet black. A very neat combination if you also use glass walls on most of the living room walls. That way the atmosphere of gathering with family and relatives will be warmer and one with nature. Masculine style fireplace from homestratosphere.

If you want a warm atmosphere in your living room decor, then try adding a classic fireplace accent to your current living room style. This fireplace has a square shape that is covered with a wooden mantel which is repainted using a gray color. The large glass window becomes a source of sunlight that will illuminate the living room optimally. Classic fireplace with a wood mantel from homestratosphere.

In today’s modern era, we can control everything by using gadgets, for example with this electric fireplace. You can install an electric fireplace in the living room, so you can easily control when the fireplace is turned on and when it can be turned off. This fireplace has an outer surface made of glass so it looks more luxurious and very contemporary of course. Electric fireplace from homestratosphere.

3. Get a dim, warm light

Another way to increase the warmth in your living room is to replace your white LED lights with the orange light-emitting ones. A dim orange light psychologically warms your mood.

Not only by warming the body, but you also need to warm the mood by using a lamp that emits orange light. The orange light is proven to warm the whole room, combine recessed lights with floor lamps that you can turn on simultaneously in one room to get maximum lighting. Combination of recessed lamp with an orange floor lamp from hgtv.

This metal chandelier equipped with orange lighting is applied right above the round glass coffee table to radiate its light throughout the room to the maximum. You can choose this lamp for classic modern living room decoration ideas, this lamp has a luxurious vibe that never goes out of style. Velvet chairs are warm furniture that you can try. Metal chandelier with orange lighting from hgtv.

This lightbulb which has orange lighting is enhanced with a copper-gold lampshade which makes it more sturdy and strong when used for a long time. This lamp will look more contrast when combined with the built-in cabinet which is repainted using a dark blue color. The advantage of using this lamp is that it makes the room seem dimmer so it seems very dramatic. Lightbulb orange with gold-copper lampshade from hgtv.

This black and white living room decor is equipped with orange lighting that makes the room feel warmer, comfortable, and dramatic at night. Choose the size of this chandelier larger so that it can reflect sunlight throughout the room to the maximum. It’s not enough to stop here, this lamp also has a unique shape so it is very suitable for use in modern or contemporary living room decorations. Unique chandelier with orange lighting from hgtv.

4. Install a sofa

One thing that shouldn’t be missing in a living room is a sofa. If the living room is the heart of a house, then the sofa is the heart of a living room. It’s where family members sit together. Also, a soft sofa not only warms you in terms of “family warmth”, but also of the actual physical warmth.

To give a feminine vibe to the living room decor, you can use a pink sofa combined with some contrasting throw pillows. This pink sofa looks perfect with some B/W wall decorations that you can easily try. Some of the furniture around it, which has been repainted with white, is the perfect combination that you can apply. Feminine pink sofa from hgtv.

Avoid using flashy colors in minimalist living room decorations so that it is not easy to give the impression of being bored to your guests or friends who come to the house. Choose and use a sofa made of linen with a splash of neutral color that is suitable when combined with a bright light blue wall color. A glass coffee table is a combination of furniture that is very easy for daily maintenance. Sofa linen from hgtv.

The last idea to warm the living room decor to the maximum is the use of a velvet sofa which is dominated by gray, this sofa is equipped with a throw pillow with a striped pattern that you can try with the use of a blue rug together. Built-in cabinets and ceilings with matching colors harmonize the color tone of the room, which is modern and of course very elegant. Velvet sofa with a splash of gray from hgtv.

Those are four warm living room ideas you should try. Ready to warm your living room?

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