Dealing with a small bathroom cannot be separated from applying some smart tricks to make it functional and practical. As well as, the role of storage is very important to make your small bathroom looks organized. But, what you must consider is that finding the appropriate storage to organize your stuff and the clean. Therefore, you can save space and your bathroom will look tidy.

Under the Sink

Talking about a small bathroom means that you have to be excellent to maximize every single available inch. In this case, the area under the sink is one of the areas you can maximize it as storage. For example, you can have a cabinet made of wood with some drawers to accommodate your need for smart storage. Store your stuffs and clean towels here so that they stay clean and well-organized as always.

This under-sink storage is very effective to imitate. Effective and efficient to save small space and you can use it to store clean towels there so that it is easy to reach. Towel storage under sink from organized-home
Use multifunctional furniture for your bathroom decoration ideas such as floating vanity equipped with storage drawers. Leave the wood in the vanity to its original color. Floating vanity with drawers from organized-home
Add iron and wood baskets to add storage under the bathroom sink and tackle clutter. A clear pull-out drawer helps you see what you have. Pull-out drawer storage from organized-home
Have extra storage built in under the sink to save space for your small bathroom. This built in storage also gives off a neat and clean impression. Built in storage from apartmenttherapy
Prepare wicker basket under the sink to store your toiletries. You can put clean towel, soap, or tissue there. In addition, wood beams vanity makes the feel of a farmhouse bathroom. Wicker basket under the sink from goodhousekeeping
The corner sink which is equipped with a minimalist drawer underneath is one of the bathroom furniture that is multi-functional. How not, this furniture can be used for storage at once. Minimalist drawer underneath sink from goodhousekeeping
The wooden vanity with storage drawers gives a natural farmhouse touch. Add indoor plants as natural decorations that can refresh the room. Wooden vanity with drawers from goodhousekeeping
The plywood vanity equipped with metal pull drawers will help your storage problems. In addition, this shelf can also organize your bathroom needs according to your needs. Metal pull drawers from domino
Don’t worry when you have small bathroom, you can have storage area under the sink like white drawer assisted by plastic storage basket. White drawers with plastic storage basket from domino

Built-in Storage

If you are looking for excellent storage for your small bathroom, built-in storage is the answer to try. This kind of storage is usually found in the shower room where it is only available in a small square shape to put the soap. But, you can make it larger as you need to accommodate the number of kinds of stuff.

Take advantage of the empty wall space for bathroom storage ideas. Go vertical cabinet is one extra storage that can accommodate many types of goods. Wall mounted cabinet from homebnc
Room divider as well as built in storage looks unique and different from the others. Here you can add rattan baskets to organize goods according to their needs. Divider room storage from homebnc
You don’t need to worry when you have a small bathroom, because wall shower storage can be minimalist storage solution. Make it from wood to add a rustic impression. Wall shower storage from homebnc
The color of the built-in wooden shelves matches the theme and feel of your bathroom. The white color makes small bathroom decor look spacious, clean and bright. Built-in wooden shelves from homebnc
You can use hidden marble shelf that is small in size to store toiletries so that it doesn’t reduce your space here. Hidden marble shelf from homebnc
Not only about storing toiletries, place some accessories such as classic mirrors, books, and small ceramic teapots to enhance the appearance of the shelf above the toilet. Built in rack above toilet from homebnc
The built-in minimalist shelf above the white bathtub gives the appearance of an elegant bathroom decor. Small indoor plants bring bathroom decor more to nature. Built-in minimalist shelf from homebnc
You can try floor to ceiling built in storage in your bathroom decor, tucking in thick wood as a storage shelf. Don’t forget to put a small flower vase as a decorative item. Floor to ceiling built in storage from homebnc

Hanging Storage

The next storage idea comes from hanging storage. It is undoubtedly true that storing your stuff in hanging storage will save your space more. For instance, a rustic bathroom design uses a wooden hanging storage to store the soap, shampoo, and other stuffs. It can also be a display area to put potted plants to give a natural vibe. Then, provide the hanging storage with some hooks to hang the towels.

Gather bathroom supplies in one place like DIY tiered crochet storage. This idea becomes storage solution when you are short on space. Tiered crochet storage from homebnc
Instead of storing toiletries with small succulents as beautiful room decoration. You can hang it in the corner of the room with several levels. Hanging small succulent from homebnc
Iron hook can help to store the hanging rope tissue holder well. This storage idea is also beautiful decoration that gives a natural touch. Hanging rope tissue holder from homebnc
The tiered wicker basket that hangs behind the door is the highlight of the bathroom design which provides an extra storage solution. Use this basket to store clean towels. Tiered wicker basket from homebnc
You can create open storage by hanging the minimalist white shelves which are used to store tissues, towels and green plants. You can complement it with black board with writing that can enhance the appearance of the shelf. Minimalist white shelves from homebnc
Hanging wire shower storage will make it easier for you to take your shower needs easily and quickly. This wire storage is not easy to rust and looks cute when used. Hanging wire shower from homebnc
Cover your ceramic walls with wood as simple hanging storage base. Attach the mason jar to the wood to keep all your personal hygiene needs. Hanging mason jar from homebnc
Add a little charm to your bathroom storage with this cute and functional DIY crochet basket hanger. You can store toiletries such as soap and shampoo here. DIY hanging crochet basket from homebnc

Well, because the role of storage is important to make your bathroom tidy, now you can consider which idea you think the best for yours. All of the ideas can be used together. However, you are possible to use one of them depends on your available space. Once again, make a well-organized and sleek bathroom by having the right storage which saves your space more.

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