A bathroom is a private and personal place. If you want to decorate your bathroom to make it more comfortable, why don’t you try rustic style? There are many rustic bathroom ideas that you can apply. Here are a few examples.

1. Rustic Tile

Do you want to have a rustic bathroom that makes you feel free like bathing outdoor? Using the wood-accented tiles is the easiest way to get a natural ambience. Make wood accent both on your floor, wall, or both with this type of tiles. It can prevent the room from being too crammed with too much texture.

To bring a natural atmosphere in your bathroom, adding wood accents is a fairly simple way. You can use wood tiles and stone walls so that it will look more fabulous.
Bathroom decor with wooden interior will present the perfect rustic style. Hardwood floors and wood walls will give you a free feeling and feel like taking a bath outside.
Adding a wooden accent in the bathroom with a floor shape is one of the hallmarks of a thick rustic design that will look more natural and soothing.
Do not hesitate to add wood accents in your bathroom. Hardwood floors and wooden walls will give a natural feel and make you feel free like bathing outside.

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2. Paint and Wallpaper

Another brilliant rustic bathroom idea is paying attention to the wall color. A rustic interior tends to be more suitable with brown hues, but there are different shades you can choose from. You can also put a wallpaper that goes with the theme. Place it either on one of the walls or as a lining around the bathroom.

Bathroom with rustic details
We love this bathroom featuring rustic chevron wallpaper and farmhouse shutters.
You can never go wrong with a timeless mix of blues and whites. When a duo of preferred colors is presented as an elegant damask wallpaper paired with a white plinth sink.
Using wood furniture is the right choice for your rustic bathroom design. You can use brown walls to enhance your decor so it looks better.
If you want to decorate a bathroom in a rustic style, you must pay attention to the color of the walls. Choose a brown wall color so it will look more natural.
An amazing rustic bathroom design with shades of brown looks very warm. Using wood furniture will enhance your decor so it looks more perfect with a rustic feel.

 3. Rustic Furniture

Wooden furniture can also enhance the rustic look. Consider a rustic vanity, a large mirror with wooden frame, or a small bathroom bench. To make it looks more rustic, you can fade your furniture with sandpaper.

There’s nothing more out of the country than turning something old like this vintage dye cut into a very rustic mirror.
Adding galvanized objects is a really quick way to add rustic flourishes to a space, and this incredibly versatile multilevel stand looks pretty and practical.
Just lean it against the wall and it’s ready to go. You can actually use it to display guest towels.
The master bathroom features a clawed bathtub on top of wooden beams. A vanity is just an old work bench with a new boat sink, while a simple, salvaged doorknob makes a smart replacement for plain old nails.
Adding a mirror with a wooden frame in your bathroom will give it a rustic look. You can also add old wood vanity so that it will bring a rustic feel that is thicker.
Using former wooden chest cabinets is one way to thrill your rustic bathroom decor. Try using a simple wooden vanity so that it will look more natural and stay perfect.
You will never fail to use wood furniture in your rustic decorations. Wooden vanity and wooden mirrors will give you the perfect rustic look in your bathroom.

There are many gorgeous rustic bathroom ideas you can choose from. Which one is the best? The answer depends on the size of your bathroom, your personal style, or the budget you’re allocating. You can have a rustic bathroom by carefully choosing the interior or washing away some of the element to fit a rustic theme. Have fun designing your bathroom and achieve that warm rustic style.

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