2021 sees the rapid advancement of technology, and thus the hustles and bustles in life. Having a home that gives you relaxing and comforting breaks from life out there is certainly one to aspire for.

Here are some modern living room ideas 2021 to inspire you when redesigning your personal space.

1. Real plants to connect with nature

For living room ideas 2021, we will see an increasing trend of incorporation of indoor plants in the form of real plants or even topiaries. Having living plants indoor will help neutralize your energy after a day outside at the busy world.

You can have a single, potted plant at the corner, or even a state-of-the-art bio-montage as the focal point in your living room.

In this living room, green is combined not only through the paint color and pillow accents, but also through the plants on the wall shelf. This long, narrow room also makes use of a mirror over the sofa. Not only stylish but also help the space look wider. This large pot in the corner of the room will help neutralize your energies after a day out in the busy world. Plants on the wall shelf from home-designing.

The accent combination of concrete walls and greenery makes this room feel like an urban jungle. In this way, it will bring a natural impression to the living room so that it will provide fresh air. This vertical planting will also become a focal point and will attract people’s attention. This potted green plant is placed on the table to complete the look of your living room. Vertical greenery and potted green plant from home-designing.

2. Earth tones to warm your senses

Have earth tones such as olive green, chocolate brown, or even wine color on your sofa and walls. Not only it portrays the warmth, but it also helps ground you, after a hectic day at work.

Applying olive green to this modern living room will create a warm impression. Try matching rusty orange on the sofa. The big green plant in the corner will give you some fresh air. And don’t forget to add large windows that let in lots of natural light to make sure the room isn’t overwhelmed by dark greens. Olive green modern living room from home-designing.

Warm impression comes in shades of brown in this living room. Combined with beige color will create the perfect contrast. A bookshelf next to the fireplace and gold accented walls will complement your living room décor. A velvet sofa equipped with a coffee table and a pendant lamp add style. Brown nuance modern living room from ofdesign.

3. Single-color or single-print to envelope your being

One of the most common living room ideas 2021 is to paint the same color to all: the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and even the trims. This simplifies your design, for sure!

Even if you’d like to use similar pattern prints for your wallpaper, sofa, and throw pillows, this will work as well. With similar prints, you can play around with shades of different colors for the same patterns.

This Paris apartment is a wonderful blend of modern and Neoclassical style. With the same tone nuances will give the room a more attractive appearance. While the bones of the room evoke grand opulence, the sumptuous Moroccan rugs and expansive white sofas make the room feel more approachable. White tone living room from housebeautiful.

Using flower patterns on sofas and pillows in different colors gives an attractive impression to your modern living room. With a similar print, you can play around with different hues of the same pattern to give the room some color. Combined with white tones on the floor and ceiling, it gives a clean and spacious touch. Flower patterns on sofas and pillows from houseandgarden.

4. Round-edged, wicker, and European-styled furniture for classic comfort

2021 sees the comeback of modern, classic furniture styles. With round edges to give a break from rigidity, the furniture in living room ideas 2021 are dominated with modernized tubular designs, sloping shapes, and multipurpose performance fabrics.

To add, wicker furniture is also one of the go-to today.

These quirky pink chairs make these pieces look pretty. This round feature features both classic and modern style in a modern living room. This round wooden table is added to complete the look of your living room to add more style. Round wooden table from stylebyemilyhenderson.

You can place furniture with modern and classic styles in your modern living room. Curvy shapes have an immediate opportunity to achieve this style at the most basic level. The L shape sofa with green and pink color really makes a different look in your living room. This oval-shaped wooden table is truly a defining characteristic. Round L shape sofa with green and pink from stylebyemilyhenderson.

5. Dramatic black and white or bold monochrome for a vibrant personality

Last but not least, living room ideas 2021 also welcomes a gutsy embodiment of black and white design in all: floors, walls, trims, ceilings, and even furniture and decorations. Alternatively, a single, bold color such as ruby red, cobalt blue, smashed pumpkin, and sunglow may dominate the walls, with accents of other contrasting colors.

This living room blends shades of gray into its color palette. The monochrome color makes it look more spacious and comfortable. The black marble wall accents behind the modern fireplace for a quirky twist on a classic chimney, while the expressive paintings on the walls make the room look attractive. Hardwood floors subtly enhance the monochrome color by adding a little contrast. A unique floor lamp was added to get the perfect look. Monochrome color modern living room decor from home-designing.

When your living room has a view like this, use a beautifully designed and understated monochromatic style in a very elegant way. This black and white furniture will create a nice impression in the living room. Don’t forget to add large windows to let in the sunshine and provide a stunning view of nature. Black and white furniture from home-designing.

You can find out more on the growing trend in living room ideas 2021 and plan your redesigning project.

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