Boarding into the 21st century, minimalism isn’t just only a style; it’s a way of living. To make it better, minimalism also promotes sustainable living, which is great to decrease pollution and waste of energy. From decluttering bottles to opting for environmental-friendly furniture, we’ll guide you on how to create a minimalist bathroom that’s not only pleasing for the eye but also leaves less to the nonharmful footprint.

1. Use Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser

Instead of cluttering your bathroom with plastic bottles and increasing the number of plastic pollutions, change the usual bottled shampoo and soap with wall-mounted dispenser instead. Not only that it is way cheaper, but you will also save a lot of plastic waste that will harm the earth.


Using a soap dispenser hanging on the wall to minimize plastic waste will protect your earth. Use reclaimed wood for your soap dispenser. With this idea your minimalist bathroom has a rustic touch and makes for a stunning appearance. You can put this dispenser next to the sink to make it easier for you to get the soap. Reclaimed wood soap dispenser from diyjoy.

The idea of using a soap dispenser on the wall is the perfect choice to make it an interesting room for you to try. In addition, you will minimize plastic waste so that you have an environmentally friendly bathroom decoration. You can use the hook to hang this dispenser on the wall and you can put it next to your minimalist bathroom sink. Soap dispenser mounted from beautyharmonylife.

2. Less Furniture is More

Every minimalist’s rule of thumb; less is more, and that includes your minimalist bathroom. Ditch the unnecessary cupboards, cabinets, and transform it into multipurpose shelves to store your essential neatly in one place. Shelves with organic materials are preferable as it leaves less carbon footprint.

Choosing storage shelf furniture from wood in this minimalist bathroom will create a simple and perfect appearance. You can also add a hook under this shelf so you have the perfect extra storage. You can put this shelf next to the glass, making it easier for you to pick up items at low reach. In addition, this shelf will make the bathroom look neat and tidy, avoiding clutter. Storage shelf with hooks from homebnc.

Shelves with organic materials will create the perfect look in a minimalist bathroom. This shelf is used to store several toiletries at close range so that it makes the room neat and stylish. You can use metal hooks to hang a sturdy shelf so it doesn’t get damaged easily. Install this shelf next to the sink so that it will create an attractive minimalist bathroom decor. Shelves with organic materials from homebnc.

3. Opt for Environmentally Friendly Tiles

If there’s anything more exciting than renovating a minimalist bathroom, it’s picking which tiles you want to use. Nowadays, there are many eco-friendly tiles that you can find in stores. From furnished cork to dazzling glass, their manufacturers make sure to use recyclable materials that are safe for the environment.

This eco-friendly floor tile uses ceramic because on a cheap budget you will have elegant and charming bathroom decor. You can combine it with black ceramic wall tiles to create the perfect contrast to make a stunning room decor. Equipped with a shower room with a glass divider and this white bathtub makes a perfect decoration for the room. Ceramic tile on bathroom from housebeautiful.

The idea of using eco-friendly tiles is the perfect look while saving money when you decorate this minimalist bathroom. Using a green mosaic ceramic tile combined with a white bathtub is the perfect look for this bathroom. Completing the look with a wooden ceiling with a roof window and a large window on one wall will let sunlight into the room so that this bathroom has a fresh and bright impression. Try it now. Eco-friendly tiles bathroom from housebeautiful.

4. Leave Out the Bathtub

Whether you realize it or not, overconsumption of water plays a great role in environmental issues all around the globe, and using a bathtub will only promote it further. Try to change it into a water-saving shower instead to minimize water waste.

Using a water-efficient shower in a minimalist bathroom will minimize water wastage. This method will also make your room look more spacious and spacious. You can choose a glass divider for an elegant bathroom look. Equipped with a floating sink and large mirror will create the illusion of a bright room. This potted green plant on an open shelf gives a fresh impression to the room. Shower room with glass divider from home-designing.

The minimalist bathroom that comes out of the bathtub will water waste and not efficient. You can use a water-efficient shower to replace it. Don’t forget to provide a shower barrier so that water doesn’t go anywhere and provide your own bathroom. This minimalist bathroom design is the right choice and creates a room that attracts the attention of many people. All white nuances and a touch of wood accents on the furniture add to the perfect appearance of the room. Shower room on minimalist bathroom from home-designing.

5. Be Mindful about Lighting

Consider changing your light bulb into a solar tube instead. Additionally, you can also use glass blocks to improve natural lighting without risking your comfort and privacy. If you’re aiming for a minimalist bathroom, try to make your room look bright and airy without clutters and dark corners.

Solar tube lighting from glass blocks will add natural lighting to your minimalist bathroom. This method makes your room look bright and airy. You can also add large windows with patterned curtains so that the bathroom looks bright because it lets sunlight into the room. Paired with white and slate floor tiles provide the perfect contrast. Solar tube lighting from whyskylights.

Use solar tube lights in minimalist bathroom decor to enhance natural lighting without compromising your comfort and privacy. You can put it on the ceiling of this room so that you will have a bright and attractive room. Using white nuances and a large double mirror, this makes for a bright and spacious-looking room. Tube lights in a minimalist bathroom from whyskylights.

While people have gotten more interested in the idea of a minimalist bathroom, only a few of them realized the importance of keeping it green and sustainable. Thus, the next time you purchase furniture or getting groceries, be sure to think not only for your comfort but also about what impact it brings to the world.

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