Wallpaper is an easier option to spice up your walls than paint. If you want to create a strong beach vibe in a coastal décor, make sure to choose the right wallpaper. You don’t even need to find coastal patterns; just make sure that the design is paired well with the other design elements.

1. Coral Patterns

If floral patterns are the typical classic wallpaper patterns for common decor, coral patterns are the closest you can get for coastal décor. Corals give an elegant, beautiful look in your interior, but with a more unusual look. Coral wallpapers are available in various designs, from subtle and soft to bold and attractive.

Don’t let your wall decor look plain and boring, try installing coral wallpaper which is dominated by navy blue. For the pattern, you can use a slightly shiny gold color. The combination of these two colors will work well in a beach themed home decor. High glass windows are a source of sufficient and maximum sunlight entering the room so that it makes the room feel brighter. Coral wallpaper with pattern gold from completely-coastal.

Coral wallpaper combined with neutral colored furniture will blend well when combined in one room. This coral wallpaper has a combination of two different colors, namely blue and white. The colors in this room emphasize the beach-themed home decor. Flowers that are placed on the coffee table are beautiful decorations that you can put in white metallic pots too. The combination of blue with white coral wallpaper from completely-coastal.

Create different nuances in your beach-themed home decor with coral wallpaper which is dominated by pink and white. The pink color itself presents the impression of a sweet and feminine room, usually a lot of girls like. In this room, you can use melamine wood furniture with matching colors. Some of the ornaments that are placed on top of the dresser are decorations that you can try and have. Coral wallpaper dominated by pink from completely-coastal.

2. Tropical Leaves

Tropical leaf motifs are popular in vintage coastal décor, but you can bring it back to the contemporary era. Bold green leaf patterns are perfect to create a tropical beach vibe. Having such eye-catching wallpaper patterns also allow you to keep fewer items in the room, preventing it from looking visually empty.

The living room decoration that presents a tropical style through green tropical leaves wallpaper makes the room look more contemporary and certainly never out of date. You can combine it with a light gray sofa and patterned pillowcases with a slightly flashy color as a complement that is very easy to replicate. The table lamp will provide sufficient lighting at night in this room. Green tropical leaves wallpaper from homebnc.

When the ceiling, sink and door frame are white, for wall decoration ideas you can try using tropical leaves wallpaper which is dominated by green. A touch of gold in some of the interiors in the bathroom, such as door handles, taps and hanging towel racks, give a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Tropical leaves wallpaper with a touch of gold from homebnc.

3. Grass cloth Wallpaper

Grass cloth wallpaper provides “natural patterns” due to its textures. This material can be made of any woven grasses, such as seagrass, arrowroot grass, or hemp. Choosing subtle patterns of natural materials is ideal for homeowners with subtler taste in decoration. You can also find dyed grass cloth wallpaper to match the interior.

If you have a beach-themed house, grass cloth wallpaper with earthy tones will give the room a warmer and natural feel. Complete the look of this wallpaper with some simple furniture made of wood such as a folding dining table. For other interior ideas, you can use neutral colors like white. Grass cloth wallpaper with earthy tone color from housebeautiful.

The combination of pink, blue, green and white on the grass cloth wallpaper makes the beach-themed dining room more colorful. Neutralize the color of the wallpaper by choosing the right furniture color, shiny wood dining tables and white dining chairs are enough to be an interior that you can try. Cover all of this wooden furniture with a triangular carpet that adds an elegant impression. Colorful grass cloth wallpaper from housebeautiful.

4. Fish Scale Patterns

If fish, birds, or other water animals are still too obvious, choose the fish scale patterns. They are available in various sizes and colors, ranging from subtle to bold. Fish scale patterns can also be filled with smaller individual designs, depending on the image sizes.

One way to emphasize beach-themed home decor is to use fish scales wallpaper with two different colors. Complete this wallpaper with ornate frames and several interiors that are above a floating built in shelf. The wooden frame in this painting gives an instant vintage and classic feel so it is perfect when combined with the style of a beach-themed house. Fish scales wallpaper with vintage painting from royaldesignstudio.

Complete the fish scales wallpaper display with beach-themed sheets and pillowcases so that the combination is even more beautiful and perfect. Use three different hues of color such as a mix of white, blue and green. You can apply this fish scale wallpaper to your child’s room decoration to change the appearance of this room to be more beautiful and certainly not boring. White wooden floors and doors neutralize the color of the room instantly. Green fish scales wallpaper from royaldesignstudio.

Tired of plain white walls? If so, then you can try fish scales wallpaper in pastel colors. This pastel color goes well with white sheets which have neutral colors. It’s not enough to just stop here, you can also use colorful pillowcases that are neatly arranged after you’re done. Usually, pastel colors are used by decorating girls’ rooms. This is a beach-themed home decor idea that you can easily try. Fish scales wallpaper in pastel colors from royaldesignstudio.

Wallpaper can immediately change the mood in your coastal décor. Make your beach-themed home more interesting by installing the right wallpaper.

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