There are some essential parts of the bathroom, such as vanity. Besides being functional, a vanity refines the bathroom interior. There are several types of bathroom vanity worth looking into. That way, you can choose the best one that complements your bathroom. Take a closer look at the following vanities to go with your needs and the bathroom appearance.

1. Pedestal Sink

This vanity is the most common sink option you can see in public places. Many people usually call this type of vanity as a free-standing sink. It’s a sink with no storage. Its classic look can go well with any interior designs, fitting in well inside or outside the bathroom.

This white pedestal sink has a spindle leg that brings out a vintage style and fits perfectly with the farmhouse décor you are working on right now. This sink stands firmly with decorative green plants placed in the corner of the sink with a matching colored ceramic vase. Add wall sconces lamps on the right and left sides of the sink to help your night activities when washing your face, with this the appearance of the pedestal sink is more perfect. Pedestal sink with spindle legs from

Another option for small bathroom decoration ideas that have limited space is to use pink ceramic pedestals as one of the smartest pieces of furniture you can have. This sink has a floral pattern on the legs that give it a classic, charming vibe. Complete the look of this pedestal sink with a gold faucet and an orchid on the side. This flower produces a fragrant aroma and makes you feel at home for a long time in this bathroom. Classic ceramic pedestal sink from

2. Floating Vanity

A vanity mounted to the wall brings a modern look to a bathroom, leaving space underneath which is great for daily cleaning. This type of bathroom vanity saves space and is suitable for a minimalist bathroom. Take note that the structure can be hazardous for little kids, and a wrong instalment can make the vanity fall off.

An easy way to bring a modern feel to your bathroom decor is to install a floating sink made of glossy marble. You can start combining it with some gold-colored bathroom interiors as an accent that adds to the luxurious impression in this bathroom, start applying it to the faucet and mirror frame with a round shape. These two accents will work well together without conveying a monotonous impression that makes you feel bored easily. Floating marble vanity from digsdigs.

Do you have a bathroom with limited space? If so, then you can start using a floating wooden vanity equipped with two sink bowls of matching color. Under the vanity, there is a wooden bench that you can use to put down clean towels that can be easily picked up when needed while you are in the bathroom. A rectangle mirror with a size that is long enough to reflect light throughout the room maximally. Floating wooden vanity from digsdigs.

3. Under-Mounted Vanity

This vanity structure has a basin inside with a flat appearance, enhancing simplicity.  The other model has slight riser, making a different look. It can have additional storage underneath but remain simple at the same time.

This wooden under-mounted vanity with a black glass top surface is equipped with two inner basins that allow accommodating more people in one bathroom. Under this vanity storage drawer there is an empty space that can be used to place a wicker basket as an additional storage idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money so it’s more on budget. Don’t forget to use the blooming flowers as a vanity decoration that gives the room a fragrant aroma. Under-mounted wooden vanity from homedit.

This white rectangle sink is one of the accents in the under-mounted vanity. You can use a mirror frame that has the same color and material as the current vanity. This vanity has a more modern look because it has a shinier appearance with a small round plastic handle. Flowers in a stainless steel vase are a perfect decoration to be placed anywhere, including on top of this vanity. Rectangle inside basin idea from homedit.

4. Vanity Cabinet

This vanity option has a series of compartments similar to the standard kitchen cabinet. Made of wood with a rustic look, vanity cabinet brings a warm tone to the entire room. This vanity serves as a versatile option for your bathroom design.

More storage will be obtained easily when using a vanity cabinet with sturdy wood that has been repainted with a dark color. This vanity has several pull-out drawers that can be used to organize all your toiletries or equipment according to your needs so that they are easier to find when you need them. The gold handle made of metal looks more contrast but gives off a very beautiful modern vibe. Vanity cabinet with gold handle from mydomaine.

If you have a larger number of toiletries and equipment, then you can use a vanity cabinet made of plywood. This material has a smoother surface and of course, is light brown which is easier to match with any colored interior around it. This vanity cabinet has several storage drawers which can be used maximally. Plywood vanity cabinet from mydomaine.

5. Vessel Vanity

Vessel vanity is a great example of premium vanity, which is often used in large hotels and fancy restaurants. This type of vanity is equipped with storage underneath with classical touch. Pay attention to where to place it since this beautiful vanity takes up place due to its large feature.

The combination of a vanity vessel and a bowl sink that has the same material and color will appear more harmonious and in tune. Re-polished wood will give a shinier finish, use teak wood as the main material which is not easily porous when used for a long time. This glossy wood vanity vessel also delivers a classic vibe in moderation. Glossy wooden vessel vanity from housely.

This vanity vessel made of dark brown wood will look more classic when equipped with a cooper bowl sink which has a small carved leg underneath. This vanity has several pull-out drawers that can be used as storage ideas by saving floor space more efficiently. Brown is an earth tone color that makes the bathroom feel warmer and more natural. You can try this style in your bathroom decor right now. Brown vessel vanity with cooper bowl sink from housely.

Perfect vanity can bring comfort for everyone using it. From the five bathroom vanity designs above, they all have slight differences. So, which vanity would you choose? Remember, your bathroom vanity needs to be appealing, as well as fully functional.

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