Indeed, the living room and sofa are a couple in creating a magnificent living room. However, you must often see the living room without a sofa. See, that’s more interesting and doesn’t seem rigid. Well, now it’s time you have an inspiring living room without a sofa. And believe me, even without the living room sofa will seem more flexible and relaxed. Then, try replacing the existence of the sofa with a more flexible type of chair, bench, or daybed.

Bench and Chair

Sometimes, the sofa makes a stiff impression in the living room that should be a lounge. In addition, the presence of the sofa will take up a lot of space, thereby reducing the functionality of the living room. Is not using smaller features such as benches or chairs give the impression of a casual and lighten the atmosphere. Besides that, with benches and chairs, you will more easily adjust the place and conditions.

This rocking chair combined with a bench covered with floral pillows is enough to become a comfortable sitting area while decorating the living room, this time you can avoid using a sofa for a more different look and of course saving wood floor space. Cover the herringbone floor with a hanging rug that has a sweet vintage feel. Big greenery brings a fresh tropical vibe. Combine rocking chair and bench covered floral cushions from architecturaldigest.

In order for the living room decoration to look more open, you can use the interior to taste without overdoing it. For example, for living room ideas, you can use bold color chairs and benches placed near the window. Don’t forget to coat the wooden floor with a leather rug that has an earth tone color vibration so that it blends more perfectly. This large glass window maximizes sunlight entering the room. Bold color linen chairs and wooden benches from impressiveinteriordesign.


Furthermore, a daybed can be the best alternative to replace the sofa. Not only providing space for a nap but giving room to gather with friends. The larger size of the sofa allows you to gather with friends on a daybed. Add some pillows with different sizes to make them more relaxed and still beautiful.

The living room can be a place to relax when using the right furniture. This time you can use a white daybed which is equipped with several pillows as a heating accent that can be arranged neatly. Combine it with a gold coffee table with a sweet round shape and looks luxurious. Other furniture that you can place in this room is a standing cabinet, ottoman and butterfly chairs that can be folded when finished in use. White daybed in the living room from architecturaldigest.


Floor cushion gives you more flexible space. Easy to move and still stylish. Keep giving extra comfort to your living room and can be easily replaced. Put some around your rug. Or you can put more in accordance with the capacity of the room and the number of your guests.

To replace the sofa in your living room decor, the use of tufted floor pillows is the most recommended alternative idea to save more space here. The combination of several pastel colors in this room will work well together to produce a more colorful and vibrant look, green paint combined with a fairly large banana tree brings a refreshing tropical vibe. Tufted floor pillow from architecturaldigest.

Chaise Longue

It has a similar design to a daybed. Chaise Longue becomes very comfortable for those of you who will not do any activities on that day. Not only that, chaise longue becomes a comfortable place when entertaining guests. As a variation and decoration, add a few cushions to keep it neutral. In addition, keep the coffee table in the middle so as not to reduce the function of the living room.

The living room will be an area for gathering or relaxing with family, so you can choose some of the right furniture. This linen chaise longue with a neutral color becomes a comfortable and soft sitting or lying area. In this living room decoration, you can simply add a round rattan table and a rug pattern as an elegant and colorful floor layer. Linen chaise lounge with neutral color from architecturaldigest.

Statement Chair

The statement chair may seem selfish. However, this can be the most relaxing sofa replacement. Look more flexible with modern designs. No problem with the number of your guests, just put more. Arranged around your coffee table you will fall asleep because of its style. Feel like in a cafe. You can also choose the type of buffer that is more appropriate for your living room.

This chair which is equipped with a reclaimed wood rectangle table is a furniture idea that you can try when you have a floor space that is not too wide. The linen chair is lined with throw pillows and blankets, making it a comfortable sitting area for use throughout the day. You can choose this chair with a neutral color to make it easier for you to combine it with the surrounding interior. Chair linen in neutral color from industrystandarddesign.

The four chairs placed opposite each other are an elegant and minimalist living room decoration idea. In this living room you can use a round coffee table that is placed in the middle of the sofa with a distance that is not too far away. Don’t forget to coat the legs of the furniture in this living room with a carpet that has a color that matches the feel of the room and a splash of color on the furniture. This color matching is intended so that they can blend more perfectly. Four chairs placed opposite each other from impressiveinteriordesign.

Couple Modern Chair

Modern furniture is the best choice for a minimalist home. Nothing can match the sophistication of modern furniture. There is no problem with the small space and not enough to put the sofa. You can add modern chairs with a coffee table. This will add an interesting visual impression. Especially with the distinctive colors of classy household furniture.

Instead of using a sofa with modern style chairs made of metal, then you can repaint it with a dark color like black to make it appear more glossy. Other furniture that you can place in this living room is a transparent glass table with metal legs as well. These two materials make your living room more classy, besides the materials used are also more durable and not easily porous, you can try it now. Metal chair modern style from industrystandarddesign.

Just Bench

This time it’s just a bench without other furniture. Indeed, for a simple living room, putting a bench is enough. Keep providing space for guests and still look sweet. Add some cushion is the best decision. However, a true living room with the presence of a cushion will look sweeter. The right size and fit the existing room. With a bench, you can also move to other places easily.

In this living room with limited space you no longer need a sofa or chair. You just need to install a corner bench with melamine wood which looks so modern and minimalist. This bench is also equipped with storage underneath so you can use it as a wood storage idea that will be burned in the fireplace. Line the bench with some throw pillows for a more comfortable and cushioned seating area. Corner bench covered with throw pillow from decoholic.


Do not want to lose with a pair of modern chairs. The armchair is also classified as modern furniture with full comfort. The comfort provided by the armchair is not inferior to the sofa. Even armchair is easier to move and doesn’t take up much space. Simple design that is comfortable for anyone.

The bold pattern and color in this armchair gives the impression of a more colorful living room. Add throw pillows with different colors and patterns to make it look more contrasting but still beautiful. This chair will make your hands more relaxed and relaxed so it is very comfortable to use throughout the day. The idea of using armchairs is very appropriate to replace a sofa that is large enough so that it becomes the right furniture when you have a living room with limited space. Bold pattern and color armchairs from industrystandarddesign.

How about those ideas above? Interesting, right? Besides sofa, you will have another choice for your living room seating idea.

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