Blending a rustic look and traditional style, a farmhouse kitchen is the ultimate design for anyone who expects warmth and comfort in the cooking space. If you are planning to model your kitchen in the setting of a classic farmhouse in the countryside, you should include the following features.  

1.   Open or Exposed Kitchen Cabinets

One of the essential features that every farmhouse kitchen should have is open shelving or cabinetry. This type of cabinet can make the room feel roomy and more accessible. Additionally, it allows you to display your favorite plates, pans, or other kitchenware as an extra decoration for the cooking space.

Implementing storage shelves in a farmhouse kitchen is an interesting idea for storage in your kitchen. Place some plates and kitchen utensils to show off your collection. This design will create the illusion of a wider farmhouse kitchen. The white color scheme and wooden floors will make the room spacious and warm. Open cabinet storage from realhomes.

You can try open storage shelves on the wall of your farmhouse kitchen. This method is easy for you to try and become a focal point in the kitchen. In addition, your kitchen will look clean and tidy. With this storage, you can put some antiques and book collections neatly so that you will create an interesting room. Open storage shelves from realhomes.

You can try open storage shelves in a farmhouse kitchen to show off some of your vintage kitchen utensils. Choosing this open cabinet storage will give the impression of a spacious kitchen. This black and white color scheme will create a kitchen that will steal the attention of many people. Black open storage shelves from countryliving.

2.   Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is considered a basic feature when it comes to farmhouse design, and the best thing to embrace it is installing hardwood flooring. It serves as a sturdy foundation for your kitchen while giving the whole room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The perfect farmhouse kitchen floor You can use hardwood to serve as a solid foundation for your kitchen. Installing a hanging kitchen utensil storage area above the dining table can make your kitchen look attractive. Combined with a white color scheme, this kitchen design will present an airy and bright room. Farmhouse kitchen floor from homestratosphere.

A stylish kitchen with hardwood floors is an option in this farmhouse kitchen design. Paired with a white color scheme, an aqua breakfast island, wooden chairs, stainless steel appliances, and a hanging globe chandelier complete the look of the kitchen. Don’t forget to also add a large window on one wall to create a bright kitchen. Hardwood floors from homestratosphere.

Hardwood floors in your farmhouse kitchen will create a warm atmosphere in the cold that you can try. Combined with a wooden kitchen island to reinforce the farmhouse style. The all-white color scheme and wooden countertops will bring a contrasting look and a spacious feel to this farmhouse kitchen. Hardwood floor farmhouse kitchen from homestratosphere.

3.   Soapstone or Marble Countertops

Although most features in a farmhouse kitchen are dominated by wood and sturdy materials, you can make an exception for the countertops. Use some smooth, natural stones such as marble or soapstone as the countertop coating. They are not only beautiful but also strong enough to resist heat and stain.

Attractive marble countertops combined with hardwood floors and white tones will create the perfect farmhouse kitchen. Combine with other kitchen utensils to amplify the rustic vibe in your kitchen. This wooden beam ceiling and lantern chandelier will complete your kitchen decor. Marble countertops from homestratosphere.

You can place white marble countertops in a farmhouse kitchen for a stylish look. This type of countertop can make your kitchen look elegant and attractive. In addition, using this marble countertop will be resistant to heat and easy to clean. The all-white color scheme and wooden floor in this kitchen will give an airy and warm impression. White marble countertops from homestratosphere.

You can combine soapstone countertops with white shades in your farmhouse kitchen to make your kitchen look luxurious. It can also create a seamless feel and make your kitchen more comfortable. Using this soapstone countertop is not only beautiful but also strong enough to resist heat and stains. Soapstone countertops from thespruce.

4.  Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Another feature that defines the character of the farmhouse-style kitchen is the distinctive kitchen sink. Featuring a rustic faucet, the farmhouse sink is usually wider and deeper than the usual sink. The shade is also designed in contrast to the color of countertops to make it look stick out from the rest of the flat features.

Sleek, deep farmhouse sink surrounded by a smooth, soapstone countertop. Vintage-style fixtures like faucets give this kitchen a simple and elegant style. Choosing a sink design like this is perfect for you to apply to your kitchen design. Farmhouse sink from bhg.

The hallmark of a farmhouse kitchen is to apply a large copper sink with a contrasting combination of wood countertops. This method is easy for you to try, so it will complete your kitchen decor. Placing the sink on this kitchen island will save space in your farmhouse kitchen. Large copper sink from homebnc.

A stainless steel sink with a wooden table will produce an attractive appearance that can create a stylish impression on your farmhouse kitchen. Combined with shades of beige and some other furniture to get a stylish look. Choosing this stainless steel material will make it easier for you to clean it and is also heat resistant. Stainless steel farmhouse sink from bhg.

5.   Large Table or Kitchen Island

Looking back to its history, the farmhouse kitchen is usually the main hub of the house to hold a family or friend gathering. That’s why it always features a large table or kitchen island to serve a large portion of meals where everyone can dine together.

Adding a large kitchen island to your farmhouse kitchen will make it easier for you to have family gatherings in the kitchen. This kitchen design idea always maintains the beauty and uniqueness of your kitchen. Using decorations like this will make it easier for you to serve large portions of food where everyone can eat together. Large kitchen island from designingidea.

Adding a large kitchen island will provide a family gathering space in the kitchen. To make it more attractive, you can apply shades of white and wooden floors for a stylish look. Using a marble table will also give an elegant impression to this farmhouse kitchen design. Complete with a chandelier above the table will provide dramatic lighting. Farmhouse kitchen decor from designingidea.

Implementing a large kitchen island is a creative way to create a family gathering center in the kitchen. With a rustic farmhouse kitchen theme, you can combine it with wooden floors and wooden beam ceilings to create a warm feeling while in the kitchen. Using a granite table and some high chairs will create a stylish and comfortable room. Blue kitchen island from designingidea.

Be sure to include those features in your own cooking space when you are planning to follow the style of a farmhouse kitchen. They will produce a warm atmosphere and create a lovely rustic look that anyone can enjoy.

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